Rumor: Halo 5 PC Is In The Works, No Halo 6 Until 2018

An industry insider from NeoGAF has launched a rumor that a Halo 5 PC version may be coming despite 343 Industries saying otherwise.

Microsoft’s spokesperson has again emphasized to PC Gamer that they have no plans of bringing Halo 5 Guardians to PC.

Rumors have recently come out that a Halo 5 PC version is in the works, along with a dedicated effort coming to make further Halo games available on both the PC and the Xbox One.

This is actually in direct contrast to a recent 343 Industries statement that had said outright that a Halo 5 version for Windows 10 will not be coming.

The rumors came from an industry insider called Enter the Dragon Punch, who has given out other industry rumors to NeoGAF before now. Whether he’s correct, however, in light of the 343 statement, is another story.

An earlier statement by Microsoft has said, however, that future Halo games will be released on both the PC and the Xbox One in order to help promote Windows 10 and cross-platform play. Microsoft and 343 have also announced that Halo 5’s Forge Mode would be playable for Windows 10 users, allowing them to create maps and upload them to the internet for other players to play on the Xbox One.

There are a number of things that could go towards the favor of either side of the Halo 5 PC argument. With Halo 5’s Forge now on PC and with its content able to go from PC to the Xbox One it shows that Halo 5 PC might be possible. However, Microsoft may not be willing to port Halo 5: Guardians onto the PC considering that Guardians has been out on the Xbox One for nearly a year now.

Enter the Dragon Punch also said that the next Halo game, Halo 6, wouldn’t be coming out until 2018, in another three-year gap between Halo games.

If Halo 5 PC is indeed a thing and 343 Industries is just playing coy, we’ll most likely see some information about it at E3 2016 in a week’s time, but if it doesn’t happen we’ll just have to wait until Halo 6 to have a Halo game on PC.

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