Next Halo May Come to PC, Halo 5 is the “Last License to Stay” on Xbox One

Aaron Greenberg revealed a little too much about Halo on Windows 10 PC during a recent interview. According to him, Halo 5 is the “last license to stay only on Xbox One.” This means that the next Halo may come to PC.

He said that they want as many gamers as possible to play their games. The company doesn’t want to limit the number of players who have access to their content. Well, why not bring it to PlayStation as well? Internet would surely break if that happens.

Greenberg said: “I would say that our vision is to offer our new games to the largest number of players possible.”

He also confirmed that Halo 5 won’t be on PC, at least they don’t have any plans for it for the time being; “We have no plans at present to publish Halo 5 on PC.”

This is big news for Halo fans on PC, Halo 5 being the last one on Xbox One surely sounds like a confirmation of it going multiplatform. However, the interview was given to a French website and a lot gets lost in the translation. So we should still keep our fingers crossed.

Microsoft is really pushing its unified Xbox and PC ecosystem and if Halo 6 comes to PC, it means Xbox will have pretty much nothing to offer in terms of proper exclusive content.

We are hearing rumors of Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3 on Windows 10 PC and seeing such comments about Halo shows that it is possible as well.

From a business point of you, having such big names available exclusively at Windows Store will help MS compete with Steam. Quantum Break, Forza Horizon, Halo and others will attract a lot of audience.

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