Half-Life: Alyx Items Guide

This guide will list all the items that you can find and acquire in Half-Life: Alyx to improve your capabilities in the game

There are a lot of collectibles and items in Half-Life: Alyx. Some of these are used for upgrading your weapons while some as used as your gears such as flashlights, grubs and batteries.
This guide covers the complete tools kit of Half-Life: Alyx, listing all the collectibles and others which can get in the game.

Half-Life: Alyx Items

The main items in the HL: Alyx, come in the form of Collectibles such as ammo and Resins, Gears such as healing syringes, flashlights etc, and Tools such as gravity gloves.


So the main collectibles in the game are:

  • Resins
  • Pistol Ammo
  • Shotgun Ammo
  • SMG ammo.

Resins are used to upgrade the weapons at Combine Fabricator. They come in a blue-while canister design and can be found all around the map and sometimes can be obtained from killing enemies too.

Ammo packs on the other side, are found as normal all around the map. The Pistol ammo has 10 rounds per pack, 2 shells per chamber in Shotgun Ammo and 30 rounds per pack in SMG Ammo pack.

Gear Items

The following is the list and description of gears found in HL: Alyx.

Always there to help you in your dark missions once it is discovered and unlocked in Chapter 3: Is or Will Be.

Syringes are scattered throughout the map and boosts your health by one third with a single use. To use a syringe, press ‘A’ on the controller and then insert it into any part of your body.

They come in the form of Grub canisters and power the various medical stations found around the city. The main purpose of the grubs is to heal your health.

To use a grub, insert it into an empty medical station and pull back the red handle. You will see the Green Grub juice getting lower as your health becomes better.

Batteries are used as the main source of power to run the automatic doors and Combine machines around the city.

You can hence use these batteries as key cards to open various door which requires a power source to open up.


There are basically two types of tools found in the Half-Life. They are enlisted and described as follow:

Gravity Gloves
The gravity gloves of Alyx are one of the main things in the game. They let you pick up all the items and collectibles whether near or far, just by holding your hand up onto them.

They even have pockets inside them and can each store a single item. Moreover, the left glove displays the HUD elements briefing you about the health and resins.

The Multi-Tool is in fact the most needed tool in the game. It is used to hack into various Combine security measures like force-field, open doors and containers and even manage the electrical wirings to suit your needs.

There are many multi-tool puzzles too which generate randomly. These require the use of multi-tool in order for you to manipulate objects.

So this is perhaps everything about all the items found in the Half-Life. If you have any more questions of suggestions, please let us know.