Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 3 Is Or Will Be Walkthrough

Continue the search for your father in Chapter 3, Is or Will Be, of Half-Life: Alyx with the help of this detailed walkthrough

Previously, in Chapter 2; we had been helped by an unexpected stranger. Now, we are deep into the sewers, hoping to save our father from the grasp of The Combine as we continue with Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 3 Is Or Will Be in this walkthrough.

Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 3 Is Or Will Be

You don’t have a lot of time left before your father is forced to either reveal all the information regarding the operation, or get killed in the process.

The Sewers
Head forward to the right, and take the gas mask from the yellow container; proceed to open it and collect the ammo. Head on through the vent and through the hallway, killing the Head Crabs.

Pick up all resources beyond the fences and move on through the gate. To your left, underneath, you will find resin, when you are ready head on back up and go left through the main path. Above you will be a dead body with a very useful shotgun. Pick up the shotgun and earn yourself the Zomie with a Shotgun achievement in Half-Life: Alyx.

Load it up, and put your game face on because something’s knocking. Shoot the three Crabheads out, and explore the three areas you got access to. The one behind the wench is your main path.

Use the yellow box to gain resources and proceed from underneath. Kill the Head Crab that pops up, and proceed forward to find two Crabheads, kill them only to be jumped by yet another Crabhead.

After clearing the area, you will find a yellow box with more resources to your right, pick them up and behind you will be a fabricate along with another Crabhead.

Use the fabricator to upgrade your shotgun if you will, and use the medkit behind you to heal up before proceeding with the journey.

Grab the resources from just ahead of you and go up the ladder behind the fabricator. Kill all Head Crabs and grab the resin and medicine from this area. Head back down the ladder, go outside the room and head right.

Keep following the path until you see two Crabheads, shoot them both down and continue until you see an energy barrier blocking your path.

Use your multi-tool to reroute power and take down both the barriers. Lift up the metal door using both your hands and kill the Crabhead. Delve deeper into the sewers until you reach a hanging body with a flashlight on its breast.

Equip it to your hand, head back down from where you came from, and turn left. Open the lock on the door using your gun and use your multi-tool yet again to unlock the blue barriers.

Proceeding down this newly unlocked hallway you will have several crabs jump at you, so get ready to exhibit your marksmanship.

To your right will be a warning sign and a dark room with barnacles spread about, take them out using the fuel tanks around you and move forward carefully using your flashlight.

Jump down the railing, and to your left will be three Crabheads in a dark passage, take them all out and grab all the resources on the table to your right.

Head up the stairs, and there will be a Head Crab waiting for you in the dark; along with a Crabhead to your left.

Keep your head straight, and move on forward past the barricaded door, down the small set of stairs, past another barricaded door, and off the railing into yet another hallway.

Here, a door will open and a drone will attempt to jump you, kill it and head forward.

Hack the door that shows up to your left and collect all the resources inside. After clearing the area, it’s time to go downstairs where you will find several Combine soldiers dead, hanging from the ceiling. To your right, you can find a fuel canister to blow up the barnacle blocking the main path along with ammo and resin.

Moving through the main path, you will be jumped by more drones, kill them all, and head to the other side of the fence to pick more resources up. Continue back and through the stairs out into the open.

The Factory
What can only be assumed as an abandoned factory, you are now out in the open, surrounded by Crabheads and Head Crabs who have infested the entire place. Take them all out, and go right through the door, and past the fence gate guarded by two drones.

Use the broken valve and fit it onto the socket behind you next to the metal door; whirl the door up and go on through, down the stairs and deeper into the ruins of the factory.

Going into the dark, be careful of barnacles again, and you will soon reach a fence gate, shoot the lock carefully without triggering an explosion and head deeper into the dark.

Be vary of Crabheads and Head Crabs, and keep pushing on through, just remember, there are a lot of resources around you in this area, so keep on picking them up as you go along.

Eventually, you will again come across a broken piece of a valve, keep moving forward and jam it into the socket. Open the door with the valve and move up through the stairs out into the open.

Walk across the bridge, turn left through the fence, and down the stairs; here you will have an option to upgrade using the fabricator. Jump down, and you will find a Combine Soldier, shoot him down from a distance and use the medkit behind him to heal up if you took any damage. You will soon be facing more soldiers.

Fight against The Combine
As soon as the train moves out of your line of sight, shoot down the two combine soldiers, and move through the train. Take care of any soldiers in the station by taking cover of the inside of your train.

Use your multi-tool to open up the barrier, and get ready to intercept the train carrying Alyx’s father. Head on ahead into the control room and interact with the terminal. Find a battery in the storage room behind you and plug it into the socket.

Align the laser with all the components for the final step. Head through the other door, and past it will be two Crabheads and a Head Crab, kill both of them and grab the final component from within this place. Take it back to the terminal and insert it in.

Stopping the Train
Due to the terminal’s inability to work, you will have to find another way to stop it. Pull the lever outside to ram the train into the wall. Open the passage below and enter the train.

Move through the rubble and try to look for daddy dearest. You will hear his voice, and find him hanging on a cable.

Attempt to save him by holding his hand, but he will fall to his ultimate doom and be saved by your alien friend.

Now tasked with finding the vault, as your dad proceeds to decrypt the Combine data, Half-Life Alyx Chapter 3 Is Or Will Be comes to a conclusion.

To earn the Half-Life: Alyx Pro-Pain achievement, while fighting a Combine soldier shoot at their gas tanks to blow it up and kill them.

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