Half-Life: Alyx Weapons Guide

This guide contains all the information you need to be a pro with the weapons available in Half-Life: Alyx and how to upgrade them

Half-Life: Alyx does not provide you with a massive arsenal of weaponry, only featuring the essentials that are a pistol, shotgun and SMG. Along with these, grenades and Alyx’s Gravity Gloves, it becomes pretty easy to take down all the enemies as we will explain in this detailed Half-Life: Alyx Weapons Guide.

Half-Life: Alyx Weapons

In addition to the weapons, for the first time, Half-Life allows you to upgrade weapons through Combine Fabricator. With this, we shall discuss the weapons, their upgrades and how to use the Combine Fabricator.

The first weapon you get is a gift from a fellow resistance member, a Pistol. It is initially modified with M1911 HUD to show the remaining bullets in the gun.

To reload it, you need to release the current mag by pressing the designated button, then physically grab a new one from your backpack or the environment and load it.

Pistol at a time holds 10 bullets, with an additional 10 with a bullet reservoir upgrade. You’ll also need to physically slide the chamber back before you can fire.

Here is the list of possible upgrades

  • Reflex Sight-Adds a display that highlights tactical targets-10 resins
  • Burst Fire-Adds a toggle between three shot burst and single fire-20 resins
  • Bullet Reservoir-Adds additional 10 bullet capacity-30 resins
  • Laser Sight-Lets you easily track targets-35 resins

With its widespread, the shotgun in Half-Life Alyx is useful against the headcrabs and heavily armored Combine Soldiers. Shells are scarce, but well-placed shots can one-shot enemies.

If affordable, grenade launcher attachment provides a strong long-distance option, making it versatile in larger enemy crowds.

It is also to be reloaded manually by sliding the barrel, and manually loading in shells. The shotgun can hold 7 shells, plus one in the barrel. Once loaded, physically flick the shotgun to load it.

Here is the list of possible upgrades

  • Laser Sight-Allows easy targeting-10 resins
  • Double Shot-Allows to immediately fire after the first shot-25 resins
  • Autoloader-Adds a Mechanical Shell feeder-30 resins
  • Grenade Launcher-Ability to attach and launch grenades-40 resins

SMG uses power cells and is a powerful fire arm. Each cell has 30 rounds. To reload, just pull the power cell and attach it to the side.

Here is a list of possible upgrades

  • Reflex Sight-Displays tactical targets-15 resin
  • Laser Sight-Allows better targeting-25 resins
  • Extended Mag-Allows to load multiple cells at once-30 resins

There are two types of grenades that can be stored only on Alyx’s handpockets, allowing only two to be carried at a time.

  • Combine Grenade- a Standard grenade, which is also compatible with the launcher. Once activated, it has to be manually thrown. If an enemy throws one, you can try to grab it and throw it back.
  • Xen Grenades- Explosive orbs found in tentacle-like xen creatures. You’ll have to quickly snatch it, activate it and throw it.

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