Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 2 The Quarantine Zone Walkthrough

After finishing up Entanglement, the journey to save Alyx’s father and to protect the secrecy of their work resumes in...

After finishing up Entanglement, the journey to save Alyx’s father and to protect the secrecy of their work resumes in Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 2 where you are led into the Quarantine Zone. The train comes to an abrupt halt and you are left stranded in midst of the chaos.

Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 2 The Quarantine Zone

The Dead Station
Head on out from the train and jump down from your right. Pick up the resin located in the crate lying below to your left. Pick up the ammo from the dead body and release it over your shoulder in order to get more ammo.

Open the door in front of you and head down; use your multi-tool to reroute the power source and open the door. In front of you, you will see a medkit to heal yourself, scan your hand and get healed to complete health.

Proceed down to the left through the pipes and clear out the barrels to move forward. Shoot the lock on the fence gate to proceed into the next room.

To your right, you should be able to find another piece of resin under the wooden crate on the shelf. And, to your right there should be another piece of resin lying in between the iron grating.

Move around the barnacle and remove the obstacle in your way and go through.

To your right, there is another piece of resin behind the fences; after picking that up, continue moving forward through the barnacle’s tongues. There will be another piece of resin lying within the cargo train.

Open the trash can and the port-a-potty to your right to find two pieces of resin; to the right of the train, you can find the third piece of resin.

Moving forward you will be able to find a small passage to your right; go up the stairs and pick up the resin in the crate. Keep moving forward to find a corpse in the window. Jump onto the barrel and jump through the small opening where the corpse was.

Once inside, check the bottom drawer in the corner of the room to find a piece of resin. Head on out to find the control panel and use your multi-tool to start fixing the thing.

You will need to find components to replace into the circuit. You can find the component right behind you. Insert it in and rotate the laser to line it up properly with the other two components.

The Old Subway Tunnels
The hatch will now open and you will gain access to the collapsed subway tunnels. Continue through the linear path and pick up the syringe and magazine on your left.

Move the obstacles out of the way and proceed through the gate to find a Headcrab banging his head against the fenced gate. Shoot the lock to get it pulled in by the barnacle. Move on through the train and pick the resin from the seat.

Head back, and go right and move safely past the two barnacles into the train. Break the crate in front of you on the seat to find a magazine.

Climb up the ladder and get on top of the train. Use the flammable gas containers to kill the barnacles. You will be able to find yet another resin towards the end of the train.

Jump on down only to find another Crabhead right outside.

Move through the train, and you will encounter another Crabhead; eliminate the one inside and the one to your left immediately before it breaks through the window.

Further down, another one will be breaking through the nailed down planks in front of you. You know the drill, start shooting it.

Deeper into the Rabbit Hole
Right past the Crabhead, you will be able to find a fabricator to upgrade your guns. Use the resin you have collected so far to upgrade your pistol. This will unlock the Up in Arms achievement. Scavenge the room’s lockers and crates to find yourself some spare ammo and other items.

Use the health station if you like and get yourself readied up for the next journey. Head on out the room and to your right, you will find four more Crabheads lying still (If you hadn’t killed them previously). Eliminate all of them using your upgraded pistol and head on into the abandoned train; beware of Crabheads.

Keep clearing your way through until you’re outside the train, and proceed to head on left, past the barnacles, and break the crate behind the stone barricade to find some ammo.

Head back, and this time go into the opposite direction and break through the planks. Here, you will be introduced to the Head Crab, try not to get caught. Kill any that pop out from anywhere through this point forward and open the door using the valve mechanism.

Keep moving forward until you see a Crabhead break the window to your right, kill it and go in the room to initiate a conversation regarding floppy disks.

Head on back out and go down the stairs to see an eye made by cardboard boxes and powered by green lightning (Nice Nvidia plug).

Investigate the Source of the Power
After being out in the open once again, you will see strange markings to your right, and the same green lightning you saw before, coursing through the ground and the walls.

Open the metal container near the mural to allow the cardboards to form another eye. The eye will be looking at the correct combination of buttons to press; second from the top right, and second from the bottom left.

A Chance Encounter with a Vortigaunt
Head on through the now open gate and make your way down to only find stranger murals, depictions of the eye you had previously seen. Jump past the railing, to find a weirdly held structure and a blue eye in the center of it all.

Ring the bell and an alien will greet you. Apparently, he expected you to be coming, and as it turns out, he was the source of the previously seen green energy.

The alien will ask you to save his kin, and tell you that your father might be dead soon; after he opens the path for you, head on down to receive Crab for dinner. You can also squeeze the crab hearts in the room to earn yourself the Freshly Squeezed achievement. Head on through the tunnels to complete Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 2 and initiate the third Chapter of the game.

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