Half-Life: Alyx Achievements Guide

This guide contains information on how to unlock every achievement in Half-Life: Alyx, whether story related or hidden, for max completion

There are 41 achievements in Half-Life: Alyx which you can get by arriving at certain key points in the game, finishing routine tasks, or by pulling off something special. There are some secret ones that are tougher to get, including a couple of we don’t know the solution for yet but the guide will be updated with info about every achievement in Half-Life.

Half-Life: Alyx Achievements

Here we’ll separate each of the 41 Half-Life: Alyx achievements as their official descriptions on Steam, and how you can get them. We won’t go too much into detail of storyline achievements for spoiler reasons.

Chapter 1: Entanglement Achievements

Chapter 1 has no combat. But it has a lot of easy achievements!

Great Grub
In the first room, there is a snark caught in a little glass tank. To one side is a food container; dump some into his tank and the accomplishment will be popped.

Hit and Run
Open after you leave the crashed prisoner transport vehicle and walk into the streets.

On a Roll
This achievement is a touch of deceiving in its description. At the point when you’re at the playground, you’ll see a red container nearby, which you can easily pick up. Go on top of the slide and move this red bucket down to get this achievement.

Eye of the Geiger
At the point when you initially meet Russell, get the yellow device and put it on Russell’s face. Nothing extraordinary happens, however the achievement unlocks.

Little Slugger
In Russell’s room, there is a miniature baseball character located before a monitor to one side of the door to the gravity gloves. You should place it as your representation in the minimap when Russell approaches you for an object.

At the point when you initially head outside, Russell will toss a gun out of the window for you to get. After he tosses the gun, he will throw you a magazine, and you have to get this in mid-air. It’s not very hard; however, on the off chance that you miss, you have to reload a past save.

Chapter 2: The Quarantine Zone Achievements

Chapter 2 starts just after you wake up on the train.

Dead Giveaway
Loot a corpse. Sometimes Corpses can have useful items on them like grenades, ammunition and healing syringes.

Quaranta Giorini
Unlock subsequent to entering the Quarantine Zone, which has a monster door that you unlocked with the first puzzle in the game.

Smash and Grab
Break open a supply crate with your hands. Supply crates are the light boxes with the yellow “supply” mark on the front, recognizable from prior Half-Life games. They can be shot open from a distance, however you can likewise smash one against something hard with your hands.

Up in Arms
Utilize a Combine fabricator to upgrade your pistol utilizing resin you collect around the world.

This will pop at the finish of your vortigaunt encounter. He will toss you the corpse of a headcrab and state his “sustenance” line.

Freshly Squeezed
Simply squeeze every one of these hearts in the area after you are done talking to vortiguant.

Chapter 3: Is Or Will Be

Chapter 3 starts soon after the meeting with the vortigaunt.

Zombie with a Shotgun
Unlock subsequent to grabbing the shotgun with your primary hand. You have to make sure your primary hand is free for this.

Xen Garden
Opens after you get the red valve and leave the Xen Garden area.

Kill a grunt by shooting their gas tank. You would first be able to get this in the section where you initially engage in combat with the combine outside. The entire combine have gas tanks on their backs, which you can shoot to right away blow them up and unlock this achievement.

Off the Rails
Unlocks when you crashed the train and it stops completely.

Mazel Tov
All through the game are many, many glass bottles. The very first chapter has a bunch, so smash each one you find there. You ought to have this achievement by the end of chapter 3 without a doubt.

Chapter 4: Superweapon

Chapter 4 starts not long after the interaction with Eli and the vortigaunt, which occurs after the train crash you caused.

Indirect Approach
To begin with, get a Combine Heavy to low health level by throwing a grenade or shooting it. At that point, save the game. You have to begin shooting at its torso again as soon as you start shooting, press the button on a grenade and throw it. Their shield only goes up in the wake of being shot at a bit, however doesn’t stay up for long, so your timing must be perfect.

Checking In
This achievement pops at the very end of Chapter 4 subsequent to going through the window to enter the Northern Star hotel.

Chapter 5: The Northern Star Achievements

Chapter 5 will starts just inside the Northern Star hotel.

Xen Lootism
Xen explosives are held tightly in place by odd, Xen tree-like animals. in case you are quick, you can snatch it out of its grasp. Utilize it like a regular grenade or store in your wrist pockets for some other time.

Heart-Breaker Hotel
This achievement unlocks when you utilize the main electric headcrab’s heart instead of a battery to open a door required to advance.

Surface Tension
Unlock when you are most of the way up the elevator to the surface for the first time since entering the hotel. Likewise, this achievement title is a pleasant reference to the name of the 12th chapter in Half-Life 1.

Unlock when you for the first time pick up the SMG.

Open as you start your plunge down the elevator to the surface after you shut down the substation and encounter another vortigaunt.

Chapter 6: Arms Race Achievements

Chapter 6 starts at the base of an elevator shaft, beside an upgrade station over a lot of things beneath. Fortunately, there’s very little regarding achievements to stress about in this chapter.

Blast from the Past
Subsequent to leaving the room with explosive barrels and tripmines, you have to shoot one of the barrels. For not killing yourself you have to step back a little bit.

Chapter 7: Jeff Achievements

Near-Jeff Experience
Remain near Jeff for 10 seconds (yet not very close).

Hold Your Liquor
You have to catch a bottle dropping out of a cupboard before it hits the ground and alerts Jeff. Just after your first encounter with Jeff the area will be without enemies and you have to check all the cupboards. One cupboard will have a bottle you have to grab it before it hits the ground.

Flat Note
When you trap Jeff in the trash compactor, save the game and press the button to smaller Jeff, killing him, after that you can reload the save and get the achievement for not murdering him

Sound Strategy
Escape the distillery without killing Jeff. Subsequent to leaving it locked in the trash, simply enter the vault.

Chapter 8: Captivity Achievements

Team Spirit
It will unlock at the start of the chapter if you have a bottle of vodka in your inventory.

Chapter 9: Revelations

High Water March

Chapter 10: Breaking and Entering

Textbook Jinxing

Chapter 11: Point Extraction Achievements

Point Extraction


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