Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 7 Jeff Walkthrough

This guide has the complete walkthrough of Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 7: Jeff. This is not a hard one and shouldn't...

This guide has the complete walkthrough of Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 7: Jeff. This is not a hard one and shouldn’t take you too long to finish unless you have trouble with the fight at the end.

Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 7 Jeff

You will start out in a room filled with cardboard boxes on the left. You will climb up the drums next to them and then go over the tall fence. Then jump onto the drums on the other side and go through the door on the left.

Then walk forward and then turn right and then use the bucket to get that trap out of the way. Then make your way through this hall that has a lot of chests and you will go out using the door on the other end that has a staircase.

Go down that staircase and you will come to a broken wooden platform and on your right would a half-opened door. Go straight ahead and jump down the left on the left side. Then walk through the narrow pathway, turn right and do down the ledge and climb up the ladder on your right.

Open the door in front of you and there a guy stuck in a trap would be asking you for help, use the gun to help him out and then you will hear a loud roar. That is Jeff’s roar.

You will inquire the man about the roar and he will tell you to not worry as Jeff can see and then he will lower the ladder for you. You will go down the ladder on your right and then climb up the ladder he lowered for you, then you will turn right, below you would be Jeff and the guy there would through a bottle to let you know that he responds to sound and will definitely kill you if he finds you.

Now jump across the ledges and open the door on the other side. Go through it and you will meet Larry again and he will tell you to cover your mouth due to the toxic gas there. Then you will drop down the hole in your front on your right.

Then walk through the door in front of you and then open the sliding door on your right and go through the hole in the wall on your left and open the shutter in front of you but quickly walk into the hole to save yourself from Jeff. Throw some bottles for misdirection and drive Jeff away.

After the first encounter with Jeff, check all the cupboards until you find one with a bottle inside. Grab the bottle before it falls to the ground to earn the Hold Your Liquor achievement.

Then walk forward and climb the edge on your right and be careful of Jeff. Throw some bottles through the sliding door and when he goes in there, lock him. After that, spin the wheel in the middle of the room, which will open a shutter and after you go through it press the red button in front of you.

This will open a door to a very dark place. There would be another red button on your right. Press it and trace its connection to the door on your left. Open then sliding door and it will release Jeff.

After completing the circuit press the button again. After that you would be spending a lot of time in a closed room with Jeff. Then on the North-East side of them, there will be a wooden plank that you will have to walk, carefully placing the crate of bottles out of the way and then run through the door in front of you.

Among these bottles see if you can find a filled Vodka bottle. Keep it in your inventory as it is needed to unlock the Team Spirit Achievement in Chapter 8.

Turn left, open the door and then go through the long hallway There will be a broken wall and through it you would be able to go down and there you will find the way out. You will get you communication back and will be instructed to search and open the tunnel.

Climb down the ladder on your left and make your way through the rubble, pull the lever on the machine there. Climb up the ladder and from the door in front of you, take the staircase and go down, shoot the locked door to break the lock and open the door. You will find Jeff on the lower level, distract him using a bottle and go down when he’s gone.

Avoid and distract Jeff again and remove the chair from the door with the broken glass. Open the door and go through it There’s a gas mask on the floor there, pick it up and put it on.

Collect all the resin in the room and then come out of there. When you have picked up what you needed, go back up the ladder and back to where you gained back your comms.

Place the device you picked up in the three poles and then pull the lever on the same machine again and Jeff will come to see you again, the irony! Now the door behind you will open, Jeff will follow you there.

Here you can earn two achievements but will require you manually save and restart from the save point.

To earn Flat Note achievement, throw a bottle into the Trash Compactor to lure Jeff and then close it and press the button to kill him. If you don’t want to kill Jeff, you can just lock him in the compactor and leave which will unlock the Sound Strategy achievement.

Now you have to go back to the room where you last picked up the resins and on your left would a door that will be opened by a wheel stuck between a metal rod. There are a lot of resins there.

Now go back to the console outside and this time you would be able to pull the lever and turn all the triggers and it will open the tunnel. Head inside it and Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 7 will be completed.

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