Hades Pact of Punishment Guide

Our Hades Pact of Punishment Guide will acquaint you with what the Pact of Punishment is and what exactly heat and heat levels are. It’ll also let you know how you can access the Infernal Gate of Erebus and complete the Perfect Clear Challenge to get substantial rewards.

Hades Pact of Punishment

Pact of Punishment is a set of run modifiers; accessible after defeating Hades, you can choose to apply them to your runs to gain rewards and bounties by increasing each run’s difficulty level. The difficulty level is called the Heat.

The game gives you a wide range of options for increasing Heat, giving you a different (usually more difficult) experience each time you have a run at it.

Apart from the usual Darkness Crystals, the item rewards you get are Titan Blood, Diamonds, and Ambrosia.

Heat Mechanic

Inside the training room, you’ll see a golden skull on top of a scroll on the bottom end of the room. This is where you can fiddle with the heat settings for your run.

Once you make a run with 1 heat level using a specific weapon, you will get all the rewards and bounties of that run i.e., blood, diamonds, and ambrosia.

Still, if you attempt it again at the same heat level, you will only get darkness crystals and no bounties until you keep increasing the Heat as you reattempt.

For this, you must keep on adding to your heat level using the various conditions that the scroll gives you to choose from to increase your difficulty so you can continue to earn bounties as you play again.

Here are all the Pact of Punishment modifiers:

Modifier Total Ranks Effect per rank Heat Per Rank
Hard Labor 5 +20% damage taken 1
Lasting Consequences 5 -25% HP restoration from all sources 1
Convenience Fee 2 +40% price increase for items 1
Jury Summons 3 +20% enemies in standard encounters 1
Extreme Measures 3 Each rank gives a new technique to 1 Underworld boss 1 / 2 / 2
Calisthenics Program 2 +15% health to all enemies 1
Middle Management 1 +1 elite foe or elite enemy skill in mini-boss encounters 2
Underworld Customs 1 Sacrifice one boon/skill when you leave an Underworld region. 2
Forced Overtime 2 +20% speed for enemies 3
Heightened Security 1 +400% damage from traps 1
Budget Cuts   -500 Mirror maximum benefits for each rank. Starts at 2500.  
Damage Control 2 +1 damage prevention for enemies. Let’s them ignore an instance of damage. 1
Approval Process (see below) 2 -1 choices whenever you receive boons and upgrades 2 / 3
Tight Deadline (see below) 2 Reduces time to clear each Underworld region by 2 min starting at 9 min 2 / 3

The Infernal Gate of Erebus

Infernal Gate of Erebus is a bonus room that can appear randomly in one of your runs through the Underworld. It can appear on one of the three regions i.e., Tartarus, Asphodel, or Elysium.

This is where you can partake in the ‘Perfect Clear’ challenge. The Gate will appear randomly; it’s a circular floor panel with a skull on it.

You’d only be able to enter the Infernal Gate if you have defeated Hades at least once.

Entering the Gate also has a heat level requirement depending on the region in which it appears. For Tartarus, heat level 5 is required, for Asphodel, heat level 10, and Elysium, heat level 15.

Once you have the heat level requirement filled, you can enter the Gate and do the challenge.

The Perfect Clear Challenge simply has you killing all the enemies that spawn at once without taking any damage. If you lose as much as a single hp, you fail the challenge and get no rewards.

If you clear the challenge, however, you are in for a massive treat. The potency of your rewards will be doubled.

The Pom of Power; can now increase a boon by two levels. Olympian god’s skill rarity is also increased, making it easier to obtain special Heroic, Legendary, or Duo boons

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