Hackers Leak Fortnite Android APK File Online, It’s Playable

Prior to its release hacker have posted the Fortnite Android APK file leak online where players can download and play the mobile version.

Fortnite remains the talk of the town all over the globe due to its huge following. The gaming community has been hooked on the free-to-play Battle Royale game but the Fortnite Android was being kept on hold for a long time. Epic Games has finally decided to hear the prayers of Android users. Fortnite Android Beta will now be available to play but only for specified devices. However, the Fortnite Android APK file has been leaked online by hackers to experience the much-regarded game before the time of its release.

The beta for Fortnite Android was announced on the Epic Games website. An email invite had been generated on the website to inform all those who wish to play Fortnite Android as soon as the game was ready to play. In a recent turn of events, the plans of developers were ruined when certain hackers released the Fortnite Android APK file online. This news broke when @FNAndroidLeaks took it to Twitter and posted the link to Fortnite Android APK file.

With the confirmation of this leak, Fortnite is now finally available to play on every gaming platform. Although it was done by wrong means Fortnite will now surely spread more rapidly than ever. The presence of Fortnite on only IOS platform was considered a flaw but still, the game has been giving tough competition to its fierce rival Player’sUnknown’s Battleground. Now, that the reach of the game is bound to spread through the Fortnite Android APK leak this could cause serious concerns for PUBG.

On the contrary, the Epic Games also have much to take care of because the players are able to see through walls with help of further hacks in Fortnite Android version. The availability of Fortnite Android APK also confirms another opportunity of crossplay between platforms. The news of Fortnite not releasing on Google Play for Mobiles can now cetainly be ruled out.

Source: TheNerdMag

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