Guerrilla Games Rumored To Be Working On A New PS5 Game

A leaker by the name of Year of the Fox claims that Guerrilla Games is working on a new PS5 game which will blow our minds away.

A new PS5 game is apparently in the works by Guerrilla Games according to a recent rumor.

The rumor mill has blessed us with another tidbit regarding a new PS5 game. This new rumor originates from Year of the Fox, a known and credible leaker. According to him, “Guerrilla’s other new PS5 game is going to blow you away!”

People were quick to suggest that it could be a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel. However, Year of the Fox stated that this new PS5 game by Guerrilla Games isn’t a Horizon Zero Dawn game.

Last year, Guerrilla Games posted a job listing for an unannounced title. Fans predicted that it could a new multiplayer Killzone game for the PS5. The listing even asked for people with expertise in systems like matchmaking, tournaments, and clans.

A new Killzone game is certainly long overdue. The franchise was at its peak when the first game came out for the PS2 in 2004. The last installment in the franchise was “Shadow Fall” back in 2013 for the PlayStation 4. Ever since then we haven’t had any official Killzone news.

Various other fans hoped that this new PS5 game by Guerrilla Games would be a SOCOM title. It was a tossup between SOCOM and Killzone among the fans.

It’s not surprising that this new Guerrilla Games title will apparently blow us away. Horizon Zero Dawn is a fine example of how the game’s developer is capable of excellence. We come across a rich open-world environment coupled with engaging gameplay in Zero Dawn.

Imagine a game bringing all those qualities to next-gen hardware. The next-generation of console gaming will incorporate Ray tracing more efficiently in games. On top of that, 4k resolution should definitely be the norm for console gamers after 2020.

Considering all that, the prospect of a new PS5 game from Guerrilla Games seems even more exciting. Though we should take this rumor with a grain of salt. However, the leaker is a credible source and we are sure that something will pop up eventually regarding this matter.