Guerrilla Games Working on a New Killzone Game With Multiplayer For PS5?

A new job posting from Guerilla Games, the studio behind Horizon Zero Dawn, hints at a new multiplayer Killzone game being developed.

Guerrilla Games, the studio behind hit video games like Killzone and Horizon Zero Dawn, has posted a new job listing to work on “an unannounced title”, possibly a new multiplayer Killzone.

You might be thinking the unannounced game could be anything but upon further inspection of the listing, you’ll find that they are specifically looking for someone who has expertise in “systems like matchmaking, tournaments, clans, and leaderboards.”

Furthermore, the listing links to more information on the server technology for one of Guerrilla’s previous titles, Killzone Shadow Fall. The whole listing is definitely worth the read and can be found here.

The most interesting section of the listing is the “What you’ll do” part:

-You will build a robust backend that can scale up to serve many concurrent users;

-You will work on systems like matchmaking, tournaments, clans and leaderboards;

-You will cooperate with game designers to achieve the vision for the game;

-You will work on systems to test and deploy a new server set without downtime;

The listing mentions several networking terms that hint at the game being multiplayer, combine that with them linking to Killzone Shadow Fall and one of the logical conclusions that come up is that Guerrilla is working on a new multiplayer Killzone game.

A new Killzone game has been long overdue. The series was the front and center of PlayStation games ever since the very first game released back in 2004 for the PS2. The last entry was “Shadow Fall” back in 2013 for PlayStation 4. Everything has gone cold since then. There are also chances that the next Killzone game could be in development for PlayStation 5.

Earlier this year, several rumors pointed towards Sony working on a new Killzone game with former Rainbow Six Siege multiplayer development team member, Chris Lee. Other rumors said that the new Killzone game is being developed on Decima Engine, the same game engine used for Death Stranding as well as Horizon Zero Dawn, another game from Guerrilla.

Whether or not fans of the series will get another entry in the series is still unknown, it is best to treat it with a grain of salt. Sit tight and wait for Guerilla games to make an announcement.