GTA Vice City Sir Yes Sir Walkthrough

In this guide, we will show you how to steal a Rhino tank and complete the Sir Yes Sir mission in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition.

Sir, Yes Sir! is one of the quests available in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The mission is arduous but don’t worry, explained below are some of the ways that you can use to finish the Sir Yes Sir mission in GTA Vice City.

GTA Vice City Sir Yes Sir

For Sir Yes Sir quest in Vice City Definitive Edition, Juan Cortez wants you to hit up a convoy in Vice City Mainland and steal a Rhino to deliver it to Cortez’s garage in Little Havana. Alas, the Rhino is guarded by several armed soldiers.

You can easily fail this mission if you aren’t aware of the dangers. Provoking the armed enemies will cause them to attack you with all of their firepower.

Furthermore, if you are too careful and allow the Rhino to reach the Viceport then your mission will end instantly.

So, you are left with the following options: Kill, Block, Wait or Roadkill/Lure

A risky but effective method is to go in ‘guns ablaze’ and kill every guard. Doing so successfully will cause the panicked driver to leave the Rhino, unlocked, for you.

You could also kill the gunner to begin with. The driver will become alerted and yell out for his compatriots to attack you. This way the assault will be organized.

You can also create a blockade with your car. Creating a barricade will make the convoy stop and one of the soldiers will exit the Rhino and get into your car to remove it. Be stealthy and get into the Rhino and escape with it.

Another way is to wait for them in a quaint little doughnut shop in Little Havana.

It’s right across the Little Havana police headquarters, you can’t miss it! Once you are there, wait for the convoy to stop and the driver will exit to grab a doughnut.

Use this opportunity to steal the unlocked tank and complete your mission!

There is another option available, it’s a little bit unorthodox but it’s thrilling nonetheless. Remember Roadkill mentioned above?

Well, you need to take it literally and run over the 4 to 5 guards on one of the sides of the convoy. Don’t turn back, accelerate and clear your tail within the tight alley spaces of the city.

The enemies will follow you so give them a hard time and take them down, one by one. So, it’s going to be a cat and mouse chase, better make sure that you are the cat.

After that just go back to the Rhino, it’s unlocked for you so just get in and drive away with the tank to the meeting spot to complete the mission.

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