How to Get a Tank in GTA Vice City

In this guide, we will include all the necessary information you'll require to know how to grab a tank in GTA Vice City.

In this guide, we will include all the necessary information you’ll require to know how to grab a tank in GTA Vice City. We’ll also be covering how to get a six-star wanted level as well. So, let’s grab a tank and cause some mayhem!

How to Get a Tank in GTA Vice City

There are different approaches to getting a tank in GTA Vice City like collecting 90 hidden packages or reaching a 6 star wanted level to hijack the Rhino tank from the military.

Collecting Hidden packages

Getting the 90 hidden packages isn’t that hard, but it’s a tad tedious as you will have to hunt all those packages down.

If you do manage to collect them all, the Rhino will spawn to the north of Escober International Airport, right where the Fort Baxter Airbase is located.

You won’t just be able to get in though. You’ll have to get through a couple of soldiers.

Get onto a fast vehicle and plough your way through to it and then get in and get out with the tank. Another way is to take a helicopter to it and quickly get in.

Get a 6-star wanted level

The second way of getting a tank in Grand Theft Auto Vice City involves a lot of destruction and mayhem. You need to cause enough trouble to get to a 6-star wanted level.

At a 6-star wanted level, the police will let the military handle things and bring out their tanks to take you down!

This is a prime opportunity to steal one of those tanks for yourself. However, it’s not that simple. The person driving the tank can’t be easily thrown out. They need to come out by themselves in order for you to hijack the tank.

The best way to do this is to have the tank jam itself in a place where the driver absolutely has to come out.

Bear in mind that this method is extremely tricky and even if your manage to get the driver out, you need to pull yourself out of the jam you created.

How to get a 6-star wanted level

Now that you know both methods, you might be wondering how you get the 6-star wanted level in the first place.

The first and the quickest way to get a six-star wanted level in GTA Vice City is to grab some weapons and reach the West Haven Community health care center.

There, shoot at NPCS and cops. Position yourself to prepare for the police helicopter and take it down. Soon you’ll wrack up enough stars.

Another way is to get a hunter helicopter and cause havoc. The first one is Fort Baxter Airbase while the other one is a helipad located at the southern part of Ocean Beach.

For the hunter helicopter at Fort Baxter, you need to collect 90 hidden packages while for one at the southern part of Ocean Beach, you need to complete the mission Keep Your Friends Close.

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