GTA Online Un-natural Selection ‘Survival Waves’ Guide

How to survive more than 10 waves of enemies in survival mission in GTA Online to unlock Un-natural Selection achievement or trophy.

‘Un-natural Selection’ is a multiplayer achievement or trophy in GTA Online which is worth 20 Gamerscore and requires you to complete all 10 waves of a Survival.

In order to unlock Survival Mission; your character must be at Rank 15. You can read our Rank Up Fast Guide for help in this regard.

For those of you wondering what these missions are; these missions basically require you to clear hordes of enemies. After clearing out each wave; you will be provided the opportunity to re-fill your arsenal and health.

Needless to say but with each wave; the difficulty level becomes harder.

GTA Online Un-natural Selection

These missions are given by Ron after reaching Rank 15; these missions become available on your mini-map denoted by a Skull and a Cross. Soon after unlocking Survival Missions; you would only be able to play on Boneyard, Sandy Survival and Industrial Plant.

There are other maps as well but they require you to rank up even more.

Now if you want to unlock this Achievement/Trophy soon after unlock these missions; we would advise you to go for Boneyard. The fence in the middle of this map provides you with amazing cover while shooting down the enemies. However, make sure that you have at least two or three players with you to cover the other areas of the map.

This challenge is pretty easy to get IF you know what you are doing; and doing it the right way.

  • It is always advised to play with some other players as they will be able to back you up; especially if you want to survive 10 waves.
  • Although not a must; we would advise you to have teammates with microphones so that you can keep track of each other’s progress.
  • Ammo, armor, and weapons are the key to your survival; so make sure to stack them up between waves.
  • Always watch your back! It is always a good idea to play smartly and always use cover.

After successfully completing all the waves; your achievement or trophy will pop-up.

Note: Completing all 10 waves is a MUST to unlock other Achievement/Trophy and awards.

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