GTA Online Keinemusik Missions Guide

In this GTA Online Keinemusik Missions guide, we'll be showing you how to start the Keinemuski missions and get the BF Weevil car reward.

GTA Online has some new amazing updates, such as Cayo Perico, which adds several activities to the online sandbox – mostly new music. This mission guide will discuss Keinemusik missions and getting the BF Weevil car reward. The newly added DJ missions include Keinemusik missions in GTA Online, help players earn new service rewards. There are also new tracks in the game that include a wide array of songs in Rockstar’s open-world sandbox.

The Keinemusik missions include a total of four missions that the players can complete and consequently earn special rewards from their services.

Here is how you can complete them.

How to start the Keinemusik Mission series

The new activities are automatically unlocked once English Dave gives you a call during free roam.

You will need to do a few things before you’re ready to receive a call from Dave.

  • Register as a CEO/VIP in free roam.
  • Complete the Cay Perico heist.

Once you get a call from Dave, accept the offer, and you’ll be ready to embark on the four Keinemusik missions in GTA Online.


There is an 8-hour cooldown between each mission, so you won’t be able to do all of these in just one sitting.

Skateboard Merchandise

Your first mission involves stealing an entire skate merchandise van and bringing it back to Cayo Perico. The van will be stationed in downtown Los Santos.

The location will be marked on your map. Gear up and make your way to the van marked.

The area will be surrounded by enemies guarding the merchandise. Take everyone out and steal the van.

You can avoid the cops by using an alleyway nearby and continuing to the marked drop-off location. Then, simply return to Los Santos and wait for English Dave to give you a second call.

Collect the Pizza

After you get a second call from Dave, you will be tasked with the second Keinemusik mission, i.e., ‘Collect the Pizza’ or, in other words, it’s pizza time.

The mission is pretty straightforward: You have to hijack a delivery driver who is going about his day delivering pizza and drive the scooter to LSIA, just like in real life.

Go to the marked restaurant and track the delivery driver. Once you have control of the scooter, take it to LSIA and deliver the pizza to Cayo Perico.

Collect Chakra Stones

The final mission of this Keinemusik mission series will take you to the good ol’ country in GTA Online. You can find enemies at the marked location in the desert, and these guys will drop the 5 Chakra Stones that you need.

Once you have all 5, shake the cops off and return to LSIA. Deliver the stones at the marker and complete the final mission of Keinemusik.

BF Weevil Car Reward

After completing the Keinemusik missions, you get the alpha and the omega of cars as a reward in GTA Online. The OG solely represents the actual ‘style’ of rides – the BF Weevil.

You won’t be able to get your hands on the car right away. Wait around after completing all the missions, and English Dave will call you to give you the good news. He’s giving you a BF Weevil valued at 850,000 dollars.

Collect the garage from the LSIA parking garage and put it in one of yours!

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