GTA Online Prison Break Heist Guide – How To Start, Tips And Strategies, Prison Break Heist Finale

Tips and strategies to complete all objectives and pull off GTA Online Prison Break Heist successfully with maximum rewards.

Heists in GTA online are the main attractions of the GTA 5’s online component and every heist can be done in different ways and rewards can be varying depending on how you pull off the heist in GTA online and this GTA online Prison Break heist guide will help you with GTA Online Prison Break Heist so that you can complete it with ease and receive the highest reward.

Similar to The Humane Labs Raid, Prison Break is another 4-player heist which requires $40,000 set up amount. This online heist requires rescuing Maxim Rashkovsky for some decent bucks and this GTA online Prison Break Heist will help you step-by-step on how to complete GTA 5 Prison Break Heist from the start to its finale.

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Like all the heists in GTA Online, GTA 5 prison break heist is comprised of multiple parts and each requiring different vehicles and offer an exciting experience. This GTA online Prison break heist guide will help with how to start the heist and all the way to the Prison Break heist finale.

GTA Online Prison Break Heist

Following is an overview of how to complete the Prison Break Heist in GTA 5 as effectively as possible so that you can the highest reward and spend it o other stuff like vehicles and invest in real-estate.

Prison Break – Plane
Details: Steal an aircraft from the Vagos contraband smugglers at McKenzie Airfield. To be used to get Rashkovsky out of the country after the prison break.

The first section of The Prison Break is pretty straightforward! You are required to steal the Velum from McKenzie Airfield – 3 men are required to play as the Ground Team and one player is required to fly the Velum.

Needless to say, but it’s better to let the player with the highest flying skills assume the role of Pilot. The Velum will be parked inside a hanger located at the far side of the McKenzie Airfield.

As soon as you arrive at the designated area, shoot everything in sight including enemies, vehicles, and everything.

The first task of the Ground Team is to get the player assuming the role of Pilot to the Velum. Once the Pilot has boarded the aircraft, make sure to destroy every vehicle barring the runway in an attempt to stop the Velum.

Once the area is clear, simply fly the Velum to the designated location – you will not face any resistance afterward. After you have landed the aircraft to LSI, you will receive an invite on your mobile phone, asking you to continue the mission.

GTA online Prison Break Heist- Bus
Details: Hijack a prison transport bus in a high security convoy for use in the break out. When clear of the authorities, store it near Sandy Shores.

After heading back to the apartment, your next task is to steal a Police Bus escorted by an FIB Buffalo and a Police Maverick. Unlike the previous objective, there is no team division for this objective. Simply suit up and get to work!

To get started, simply follow your GPS tracker and locate the Police Bus. I would not recommend beating around the bush; instead, kill the driver straightaway to gain hold of the bus. Like I have mentioned earlier, the Police Bus is escorted by an FIB Buffalo and a Police Maverick, you will have to take care of them.

During my playthrough, I noticed that the Police Maverick can prove to be really frustrating. As soon as you are done with the bus’ driver, send a homing rocket flying to the chopper and take it down.

Once you are done with the Police Maverick, you will acquire a 2-star Wanted Level. You must get rid of this Wanted Level before heading to the Drop Off. Avoid the highways as much as possible and stick to the open fields to evade the cops without much difficulty.

FIB vehicles are much faster than the bus so do not even think about outrunning them. After evading the police, make sure to keep your head low and do not roam around any police vehicles or you will have to start the whole chase all over again.

Simply deliver the bus to the drop off and complete this easy section.

Prison Break – Station
Details: Half the team has to get a police cruiser, pose as cops, and go into a police station to get the prison transport schedule. The other half has to retrieve Rashkovsky’s stolen car from a cargo shop at the Port of LS.

In order to complete this task, you will, once again, form two teams – Cop Station and Cargo Ship. For the purpose of the guide, I will stick to the Cop Station team.

The very first task that you need to do is to acquire a Police Cruiser and dress up as cops so as to retrieve some files from a local police station. You will find plenty of Police Cruisers roaming the locality or you can call them up using your phone and kill them followed by acquiring their vehicle.

Do note that using either of these methods, you will acquire a 3-star Wanted Level and will have to get rid of it before proceeding to the next task. Another important thing to note here is that you will lose all your weapons during the time you will be posing as a policeman.

In order to complete this next task, you need to play really smart and stealthily – otherwise you will blow your cover. Anyway, after acquiring the Police Cruiser, head to the yellow marker on your mini-map and part the car on the marker.

There are a ton of things which are big no-no. For example, do not rush inside the police station, do not draw any weapons, do not hit anybody, and general things which might draw some attention. Simply, head inside the police station, head all the way to the back of the area, steal the police bus schedule, and come back out – smooth criminal.

Considering that the things went as described, your next task is to take the stolen Police Cruiser to the marked area and set it on fire so as to remove any pieces of evidence. With everything said and done, bring back the schedule to your leader’s apartment.

Prison Break – Wet Work
Details: Half the team has to take out some lawyers outside City Hall, and bring back their deposition. The other half has to silently dispatch Rashkovsky’s business partner and his guards.

Similar to the previous task, your team gets divided into a City Hall team and a Mansion team. For the purpose of this guide, I’m sticking to the City Hall team.

In case you are playing in the City Hall team, follow the marker to reach the designated vantage point followed by getting on top of the ravel to take your positions. Wait for a little while until your two of your targets appear on the steps of the City Hall.

For this part, it’s extremely important to have a decent coordination with your teammate. In order to successfully complete this part, you need to snipe the both targets at the same time.

Once you have done so, a host of policemen will appear on the scene. Do not let it worry you and dash in to grab the briefcase dropped by one of the targets followed by getting away from the area. It’s highly recommended to bring in your fastest vehicle to get away from the area as quickly as possible.

Once you have successfully evaded the cops, bring back the briefcase to your leader’s apartment and wait for the other team to finish its task. Speaking of the other team, they are required to stealthily head inside a house and taking out the guards inside. With everyone back inside the Planning Room, prepare for the final one.

The Prison Break
Details: Break Rashkovsky out of Bolingbroke. Ground team takes the transport bus, poses as guard and inmate, and goes into the prison to get out. Demolitions takes care of the inbound transport bus, Pilot collects them in the plane.

For the Heist Finale, every player in your team is provided with a separate role – Prisoner, Prison Officer, Pilot, and Demolition.

Once you have suited up, the Prisoner and Prison Officer need to head towards the Police Bus that you stole earlier. The Pilot needs to head to an aircraft and the Demolition needs to steal a Buzzard Chopper.

While playing as the Prisoner and Prison Officer, you need to head inside the prison, part the police bus at the designated location and come out followed by finding Rashkovsky.

In case someone trips the alarm, draw out your weapons and go on a killing ham. If you are assuming the role of Prisoner, steal some weapons dropped by enemies and join the Prison Officer. Do make sure to clear off an area completely before moving to the next location.

Note: Do note that Rashkovsky will not follow you until you have cleared an area off enemies.

Coming to the other roles, the Pilot will get constantly attacked from enemy aircrafts. It is the job of Demolition to keep the enemies off the Pilot and keep him alive.

Once the Prisoner and Prison Officer arrive at the prison’s gate with Rashkovsky, they need to steal an armored vehicle parked nearby and get out of the area – there is a 5-star Wanted Level to evade.

Once the local authorities see Rashkovsky making a run for his life, they will divert their attention from the Pilot to him.

At this point, Demolitions should also do the same and keep the heat of the armored vehicle. In the meanwhile, the Pilot should get to the runway and wait for Rashkovsky to arrive with your other teammates.

Like I have mentioned above, you will have to evade 5-star Wanted Level. Instead of beating around the bush and trying to gun them down, immediately dash towards the aircraft and quickly take it to the air. During all this time, Demolition needs to keep the enemy aircrafts off the plane.

With the cops successfully evaded, head to the player responsible for keeping the heat off Rashkovsky, hop inside the Buzzard and fly to the drop off to complete the GTA Online Prison Break heist.

That is all for our GTA online Prison Break Heist guide with Tips on how to start the GTA online prison break heist, and how to complete it..

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