GTA 5 Off-Road Races Guide – All Off-Road Race Locations, How To Win

This GTA 5 Off-Road Races guide will help players with all the off-road races location and how to win them to get the highest reward.

GTA 5 is packed with activities to do and things to collect and one of the activities involve the off-road racing in the open-world title and this GTA 5 off-road races guide will help with all the off-road race locations and how to win them for the highest reward.

Everybody loves the thrill of a street race, but sometimes there’s an urge to go on the bumpier terrain and take things with some dirt. That’s where Off-Road races guide comes in to help you step-y-step on all the off-road races locations and how to get the highest reward by winning them.

In GTA 5, you can participate in these fun races across the canyons and similar dry terrain, and let others see your skills with a dirt bike or ATV.

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GTA 5 Off-Road Races

In order to participate in GTA 5 Off-Road races, you will need to complete the mission “Mr. Philips”. Once you do so, you can participate in these races with any of the three characters.

You will need to take your own dirt-bike or ATV to the off-road race location, where you will compete against 5 other NPCs. Once the race finishes, you will get a rating. Bronze is third place, Silver is second, while Gold is first. You can also compare your performance with that of others in the Social Club.

Do note that you cannot shoot or attack other racers during the GTA 5 off-road races or it will lead to an instant fail. You can, however, bump your vehicle with theirs in an attempt to knock them off. Another important thing to remember is that the slipstreaming concept also applies to these GTA 5 off-road races, so you should try to take full use of it. Now, let’s look at some races.

Canyon Cliffs
This race is located in Raton Pass, North Chumash. It has a reward of $500. The race is on a course composed of 24 connected checkpoints that run through the canyons.

The only really challenging part of the race is between checkpoints 6 and 8, which is a tight turn. Apart from that, with a Sanchez dirt bike, you should be able to go full throttle.

ATVs are slightly different though. They have better stability, but you will likely have trouble turning certain corners in this race with them. Try to do some wheelies or lean forward for extra acceleration when you’re on your vehicle.

Ridge Run
This is a 16 checkpoint race located near the Galileo Road in Great Chaparral. The prize for the first position is $500. The race is slightly more challenging than the previous because of the slippery turns and corners. Also, you will be using a jeep for this race.

If you didn’t get a vehicle, you can press right on the D-pad and one will be given to you. Franklin will probably be best for this race because of his unique ability, which you will need to get past the crowded set of opponents.

The highlight and toughest part of the race is the tight turn at checkpoint 2. There’s another challenging one between 5 and 6, but it’s not even close to being as difficult as 2.

The sharp turn here is also a great opportunity to get past most of your opponents. Hopefully, you know how to drift, so you can do that without the fear of sliding off-track to turn a tighter and more efficient corner than your opponents.

The rest of the race is fairly short and simple, and with Franklin, it shouldn’t be difficult to grab a Gold.

Mineward Spiral
This is a weird spiral race that you can only participate in between 20:00 and 3:00. It’s located in the complex road mesh of Davis Quartz in the Grand Senora Desert. The reward for this race is $500.

You’ll need a Sanchez or an ATV for this race. I would recommend a Sanchez so you can slip through opponents easily. However, it’s important to be careful with the dirt-bike, since the spiral structure of the 32 checkpoint race is all turns and corners.

You can actually still go full throttle for the most part of the race because none of the corners are actually tight. Keep an eye on the radar because the place can get pretty confusing, especially during forks – you don’t want to end up taking the wrong turn.

Valley Trail
The one is located in the mouth of Cassidy Creek near the Almano Sea. This race is super easy if you can get your hands on a Sanchez. Just go full throttle and slide through the corners and turns.

The only two troubles in this race is a relatively tough ATV rider and the narrow region. You can easily go off track with a slight imbalance, and the first position holder ATV rider is quite skilled in his driving.

Just be patient and try to sensibly rush pass him after utilizing the slipstream. The course has 22 checkpoints that run alongside the river.

Lakeside Valley
This is a 23-checkpoint race around the Sandy Shores Lake in Armadillo Avenue. The track itself is located around the tip of the lake.

It isn’t a difficult route on paper, but the competition is quite challenging, and there are certain obstacles located on the beach region that can get in your way or force you to drive in a zigzag manner.

The 5th checkpoint in the race is probably one of its highlights. It will have you jumping the paved street. With a dirt bike you need to be careful of how you land, or you will certainly face defeat.

Another place to look out for is between checkpoint 7 and 8; it’s a telephone pole that can surprise you, and if you hit it it will be a certain loss.

Eco Friendly
This is probably the most annoying off-road race in the game. It’s a tough 32-checkpoint race located in the Ron Alternative Wind Farms in the Grand Senora Desert.

As if the route itself isn’t tough enough, you will be required to compete in a jeep, making it even more difficult to get around the corners and execute the turns.

I would highly recommend that you use Franklin for this race, and the reason is quite obvious. The first challenging area of the race is at the 6th checkpoint, a tough turn that is preceded by a fast straightaway.

Make sure you can decelerate in time to make the turn. The turn is immediately followed by a steep drop that can send you to your doom, so make sure your drift is controlled so you can continue staying on-track.

The road mostly remains narrow and gets narrower at later checkpoints between 20 and 22. Turn 24 is also tough, but you can use it to your advantage to get past anyone who is ahead of you.

That is all for our GTA 5 off-road races guide with tips on all the off-road races locations and how to win the off-road races for the highest reward.

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