GTA 5 Street Races Guide – Race Locations, Race Tips, How to Win, Best Race Strategies

Where to find and win all the GTA 5 street racing circuits. Find out how to win it cleanly while avoiding police! Do better in GTA 5 Street Races.

Racing in Grand Theft Auto V is not restricted to land or water! GTA 5 is bringing back some illegal street racing action. These GTA 5 street races can be unlocked by completing ‘Shift Work’ mission given by Hao. These races are available from 20:00 to 05:00 and are only Franklin can take part in these races.

Visiting a garage to get your vehicle tuned-up from time to time and using Franklin’s special ability during the race are best tips I can provide you with.

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The following GTA 5 Street Races guide should help you do better by providing tips and tricks to outspeed and our maneuver your opponents.

GTA 5 Street Races

GTA 5 Street Races are spread across Los Santos so you can enjoy different environments and tracks. There so many different races you can participate in. The races will earn you rewards and XP. Keep in mind that you need to have a controller to better performance if you are playing on PC. Using a mouse and keyboard needs a higher level of skill. But if have been playing with a mouse and keyboard for a while then you should be OK.

GTA 5 Street Races Tips, Races Rewards

South Los Santos Race
The entry fee that you will have to pay to participate in this race is $100 and you will receive $450 for winning it.

Just as the race starts, use the drafting abilities to gain an instant speed boost and get ahead of your opponents. Also note that, any kind of cheating is unacceptable in these races. So, trying to explode your opponent’s vehicle or even damaging their cars will disqualify you from the race. However, you can ram their vehicles to knock them off the course or get yourself the lead of an inch.

Note: You’ll have to join the other racers and press ‘right’ on your D-Pad to begin the race. $100 will be deducted from your balance.

There will be some traffic in this race but that can be easily avoided by using Franklin’s driving skills (special ability). This is a circuit race comprising on two laps meaning that you’ll run through the entire lap twice. This will also provide you a chance of learning from some mistakes from the first lap.

Win the race to get $450 cash prize.

City Circuit Race
The entrance fee of this race is $500 and the winning prize is $2250.

This race is quite lengthy consisting of 60 checkpoints but the prize is great! And unlike the name, the race is not a circuit but a sprint. So, you’ll have only once a chance of running through the entire lap.

There are some notable shortcuts in this track which might come in handy. The most prominent will be between the checkpoint #3 and checkpoint #4.

In addition to these shortcuts, there will be some significant sharp turns requiring usage of Franklin’s special ability. There will also be a straight road between checkpoint #26 and checkpoint #31. But instantly after this long road is a sharp turn; a good place to use the special ability while maintaining the top speed.

The end of the race has no quite simple turns here and there but the amount of traffic will increase drastically. Once again, use Franklin’s special ability to avoid the traffic and win the race to get $2250 prize.

Airport Race
The entry fee to enter this race is $1000 and the winning prize is $4000.

Just as you reach the checkpoint #4, start keeping your car to the right side so that you don’t get crashed into the incline to your left. This part is quite difficult to do and becomes even tougher during the second lap. This is where Employee of the Month’s special ability comes in handy.

The next tough area comes near checkpoint #11. You’ll come across a lot of poles, barriers, and gates. Not being careful enough will directly land your flight around the airport into one of the aforementioned obstacles.

The next path is nothing but a straight road along the airport. Hit the gas to reach the first place and go home with an astonishing $4000.

Freeway Race
The entry fee of this race is $1250 and you get your hands on solid $5625 for winning the race.

Get to the Olympic Freeway to meet your illegal racing opponents and pay the fee to begin this not-so-lengthy race.

You start along a straight road until you reach checkpoint #6 where you will have to apply breaks to slow down a little. Using Franklin’s special ability here is a good idea.

The area after checkpoint #10 will also need a lot of your attention. It is not a difficult turn but things do get irritating at this point.

The rest of the race is quite easy except for checkpoint #18 where you might need Franklin’s driving skills. Else, complete this two lap circuit race and collect the big bucks.

Vespucci Canals Race
The fee to enter this race is $1500 and you will get $6750 upon winning.

This is definitely one of my favorite races in the game due to the fact that it is not on cars but on sports bikes.

Before getting into a breakdown of the track, note that, it is the worst thing ever to hit the other riders. It is better not to try this yourself and take my word for it! But it’s your choice that matters in the end. Anyway, I would recommend you to pull off a wheelie at the beginning of the race to get a speed advantage.

The narrow alley near checkpoint #12 can be really frustrating by those trees and branches. Try to keep left so that those trees at the right don’t cause any problem. You can also try using the special ability at this point.

It is a two-lap race and you will get a straight road before hitting checkpoint #23. Complete this fifth and final race to reap the rewards and complete the illegal racing phase of GTA 5.

This was our GTA 5 Street Races guide if you have any questions take to the comments below.

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