GTA 5 Merryweather Heist Walkthrough Guide – Freighter and Off-shore

How to successfully pull-off Merryweather Heist in GTA 5 and earn gold medal whether you go by the freighter route or off-shore.

After Jewelry Store Heist, you will get to do Merryweather Heist with Trevor taking the lead. It’s a cooperative heist and if you will need to complete the flight training as Michael before it becomes available.

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GTA 5 Merryweather Heist


Gold requirements

  • Finish within 8:30.
  • Steal the submersible without boarding the boat.

To perform #2 of the gold requirements, you need to run to the other side of the ship where you can see the mini-sub and then shoot the cables holding it with your sniper rifle.

Drive to the sub location which will be indicated on the map towards the large freighter. Once you arrive, you’ll be given multiple options to steal the mini-sub.

After you get the mini-sub down, you’ll need to dive into the water and go into the mini-sub then steer it to the way-point where Floyd will retrieve it and place it on the truck.

After this, simply drive to the next way-point to complete your mission.

Merryweather Heist (Freighter)

Gold requirements

  • Kill 12 enemies with a headshot.
  • Kill 12 enemies with stealth attacks.
  • Finish with an accuracy of 80% or more.
  • Get to the ship interior without being detected.
  • Find the container in under a minute.

To start off this mission, place Franklin on over a watch across the lot to provide cover for Michael.

The first two guards can be taken out with a single bullet. Afterwards, switch to Michael and stealthily plant the bomb as soon as possible and switch back to Franklin to scout ahead.

Keep on clearing the path for Michael as the mission progresses and keep a keen eye on the Stern as Mercs will often congregate there also keep the upper decks in check.

As Michael steps inside, take out any guard you see and cover his escape while keeping the stairs and stern near his exit point clear and when Michael is in the water, detonate the bombs.

The device you’re looking for will have a red flashy indicator, and you won’t have difficulty spotting it, secure it and send Trevor in with the mini-sub to grab it and take it back to the port.

Cargobob (Off-shore)

Gold requirements

  • Finish in under 5:30.

If your choice was to finish the mission by off shore, then you’ll need to complete another mission where Trevor needs to break into Fort Zancudo and steal the cargobob helicopter.

As you reach the fort, you can enter through two methods, which are either through the main gate or the back gate.

Note: You can access the copter faster if you go through the back gate.

Run through the gates and you’ll be greeted by a mob of angry soldiers shooting at you. Simply ignore these and continue driving towards the copter.

Get to the copter as soon as possible, board it and get the hell out as fast as you can. As you fly off, you’ll be chased by another helicopter. Keep evading it until the coast is clear and then fly back to the airfield to complete the mission.

Note: The timer for this mission begins as soon as it starts even though it displays when Trevor breaks into the fort, keep this in mind if you’re looking for gold.

Merryweather Heist (Off-shore)

Gold requirements

  • Eliminate all pursuing enemies.
  • Find the container in under 2:00.
  • Complete in under 14:30.
  • Escape the pursuing enemies within 4:00.

Note: To accomplish the 2nd requirement for gold, move the submersible forward to gain speed and avoid ascending or descending. Maneuver it like a helicopter and keep your eye on the trackify app and you can find the container with ease.

To accomplish the 2nd requirement for gold you will need to eliminate all enemies. There are four boats and six helicopters so keep those numbers in mind in case you happen to miss anything.

The mission begins after a cut-scene at Floyd’s apartment after which you get into a vehicle and drive to the airstrip. When you’re here, drop the submersible into the water, and you’ll switch to Trevor. Now you’ll need to open your trackify app and locate the container.

When you’ve located the container, hover slightly above it, and it will attach to the submersible. When attached you need to go back to surface level where you’ll latch the submersible off to a helicopter and fly off.

You’ll be switched to Michael by this time, during the flight a few merry-weather guards will try to take you down and ruin your heist. Switch to Franklin and make short work of them.

Once Franklin has taken out all enemies, you’ll switch to Michael and fly back to the airstrip with ease where you’ll drop the submersible at the way-point and then land your cargobob helicopter to complete the mission.

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