GTA 5 Paleto Bay Heist Walkthrough Guide

How to successfully complete The Paleto Bay Heist in GTA 5 and get gold medal.

After the Merryweather Heist, your next heist involves robbing a bank in Paleto Bay. It’s a small town on the north-coast of Blaine country. It’s a travelers heaven and a good score considering the relatively easy escape and good money.

As was the case with Jewelry heist, there are certain requirements you need to fulfill if you are aiming for the gold.

GTA 5 Paleto Bay Heist

Paleto Score Setup

Gold requirements

  • Reach the bank in 3:30.
  • Win the race to the meth lab.

You’ll start this mission off by meeting Trevor on the second floor of the liquor store, and afterwards, you’ll drive to Paleto Bay to pick up Lester from a bus stop.

Drive to the bank and examine the front door and then drive behind it. When you’re here, ring the alarm bell by using your pistol and the drive to the gas station and wait for the police to arrive and measure their response.

Select Michael and make your way back to the base, Trevor will race you back.

Military Hardware

Gold requirements

  • Kill 5 enemies with headshots.
  • Stop the convoy with a sticky bomb.

This is a fairly easy mission if you play it out properly. Take a bike for your vehicle and make your way between the lead jeep and the truck and wait until the truck falls a bit behind.

When the jeep is a fair distance ahead of the truck, get off your bike and draw a close range weapon and take out the driver and rear escort.

Once you’ve done this, the troops from the lead jeep will return but thanks to the way you divided these two vehicles, you can take them out without too much difficulty.

When you’re done the troops drop off the truck at home and complete the mission.

The Paleto Score

Gold requirements

  • Fire a total of more than 4,000 bullets.
  • Complete the mission in under 16:00.
  • Finish with a shooting accuracy of 50% or above.
  • Cause damage worth $1,000,000 in the Paleto bay.

The mission will begin with you taking a van and making your way into Paleto where you drop Franklin off.

The tellers and patrons in the building aren’t of much harm, rush to the vault which is located in the bank and afterwards when you escape you’ll be wielding a mini-gun which allows you to completely rip through the waves of cops and cruisers.

After this, a chopper will appear, and you can take it out without too much trouble. Move quickly so you don’t get hit by the cops. While you may be bulletproof, your moneybag will take damage, which will result in less cash earned. Cross the street and move past the hotel.

Fences will appear in your path; the mini-gun will make short work of these. After this, NOSE teams will begin to surround you from both sides of the intersection.

Take their trucks out before they can deploy and clear out all soldiers.

After this sequence, you’ll switch to Franklin. Simply barrel down the street as you head towards the checkpoint as fast you can. Keep driving or a tank will catch you. Now, pick up your crew and sprint to the factory.

The factory sequence is a fairly straightforward shooting sequence, utilize the cover properly, and you won’t find any difficulty in this section. The wide bay after this way will lead you towards your escape train, hop on it and make your escape.

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