Best Farm Locations For Grossmesser In Elden Ring

Grossmesser Curved Sword has a very low drop rate but if you go to Tombsward Catacombs or Caelid Catacombs, you will eventually get it.

Grossmesser is a Curved Sword in Elden Ring that looks like a falchion in its appearance. A curved sword with a large blade and sharp edge, Grossmesser can be used to create a gross mess for the enemies that come across it. Due to its great stats and early game availability, Grossmesser is a weapon of choice for most players inclined towards strength-based builds.

However, the rare drop rate of Grossmesser dampens all the fun. This weapon can be a nightmare to obtain with low discovery stat. Follow our guide to farm Grossmesser earliest in the game with the best possible locations to get this weapon.

How to farm Grossmesser in Elden Ring

grossmesser farm location

Grossmesser location isn’t fixed or guaranteed in Elden Ring. The only way to obtain this curve sword is by farming the skeletons inside different catacombs wielding the same weapon. These skeletons can be identified easily as they don’t have a shield or bow and usually approach the players by rolling on the ground.

Grossmesser has a 2% drop rate for every 100 discovery. This can be increased by using Silver Pickled Fowl Foot before farming the skeleton enemies or by investing in Arcane stat to increase discovery by a huge margin. The best place to farm the skeletons for Grossmesser is Tombsward Catacombs. This mini-dungeon is in the southern region of Limgrave called the Weeping Peninsula. The exact location of Tombsward catacombs is marked on the map and it is to the West of Mistwood Jungle, North of minor Erdtree.

Use the site of grace to spawn the skeletons repeatedly and farm them with a high discovery rate to obtain Grossmesser early in Elden Ring.

Grossmesser can also be obtained by farming the same skeletons inside Caelid Catacombs, but that place is a massive no-no for early game sections. Infested with scarlet rot and high-level enemies, we strongly recommend players avoid Caelid Catacombs (South of Caelid and West of Redmane Castle) as much as possible.

Grossmesser Stats and Requirements in Elden Ring

Grossmesser is a strength-based weapon that requires 14 points in Strength stat and 12 points in Dexterity stat to be equipped and used properly. It also scales with these two stats with a D-scaling for each. This curved sword weighs only 4.5 making it a great early game weapon for the players.

Stat NameAttackGuard

Grossmesser can be upgraded by using Smithing Stones. This allows the players to upgrade this weapon up to +25 with the help of Blacksmith in the Roundtable Hold.

Affinity Type (+25)Primary DamageSecondary DamageStrengthDexterity
Standard281 CD
Heavy258 B
Keen258 EB
Quality225 BB
Poison236 CC
Blood236 CC
Occult247 DE

Grossmesser Unique Skill and Builds in Elden Ring

Grossmesser’s inherent unique ability known as Spinning Slash which allows players to use this curved sword to deliver multiple slash attacks upon their enemies. This skill costs 6 FP and can be charged for more damage (12 FP).

Just like most of the weapons in Elden Ring. Grossmesser can also be infused with all the Ashes of War made specifically for slashing swords. This helps players customize the unique skill of Grossmesser to match their playstyles. This curved sword can be sold for 100 runes (base price) to any merchant in the game.

Grossmesser can be used to create a lot of early-game strength and dexterity builds around it. Grossmesser also scales amazingly well with Occult, Heavy, and Sacred infusions. We recommend dual-wielding this weapon for PVP to inflict as much damage as possible.

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