Grand Theft Auto 6 Website Might Be Launching Soon, No Confirmation Yet

The day that so many fans of Rockstar Games have been waiting for might be coming very soon, as it seems that a Grand Theft Auto 6 website is finally going to be launching soon. While there’s no confirmation yet, a website domain registry site has some evidence pointing towards it.

Grand Theft Auto 5 came out all the way back in 2013, becoming an enormous success for Rockstar Games that continues to be successful today, supported by a constantly-updating multiplayer mode. However, since that was 7 years ago and new consoles are about to come out, the time’s ripe for a new game.

Rockstar had previously said another reason why Grand Theft Auto 6 was taking so long was because the game runs on political and social satire, and with how crazy the world is nowadays the writers felt it was best for things to settle down first, but the website might mean they’ve finally decided to go ahead and do it.

Previously, the servers of the supposed Grand Theft Auto 6 website had been routed through Germany. This might not have meant that there was a website in the making as normally Rockstar Games’s websites are routed through New York, but recently the new website domain was moved to New York instead of Germany.

There have been a huge amount of rumors surrounding a Grand Theft Auto 6 for years now, ranging from what sorts of locations the game would take place in to what characters might appear in it, though Rockstar has been very mum on the question for each rumor.

If actually is getting readied by Rockstar Games to come out, there’s no telling when we’ll actually learn about the game. With E3 and many other big gaming events cancelled this year due to the coronavirus, there’s no telling when we’ll be seeing Grand Theft Auto 6 announced, but hopefully the Grand Theft Auto 6 website will be coming out regardless.