GTA 6 Gets Age Rating in Australia, Release Date Soon?

The Australian Classifications Board has given Grand Theft Auto 6 an age rating, leading to speculations about a release date soon.

The Australian Classification Board, which rates various forms of media for consumption in that country, has apparently given an age rating for GTA 6, despite us knowing nothing about the title at the moment and having seen no gameplay. This could, however, mean we’ll start seeing information very soon, including GTA 6 release date.

The Board gave the game a rating of MA 15+, for strong sex scenes and strong drug use. This means that in terms of subject matter, Grand Theft Auto 6 will likely be like any other Grand Theft Auto game, being violent, raunchy, and full of bad behavior, along with whatever else Rockstar will put in it.

Grand Theft Auto 6 has been often looked for, but never found for years. Despite various rumors about voice acting and official reveals, and a hint of very early gameplay footage, nothing about the game has been revealed officially by Rockstar, which for the last few years been more focused on releasing Grand Theft Auto 5 on two subsequent console generations and promoting its online component instead.

The Australian Classification Board giving GTA 6 an actual rating at least finally gives us what might be at least some proof that a sixth game is happening, after Grand Theft Auto 5 released for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 back in 2013.

The previous gap between Grand Theft Auto 4 and Grand Theft Auto 5 was five years, with the fourth game coming out in 2008. Now, ten years after that, after so many false starts and disproven release dates, the classification date coming out may finally be what Grand Theft Auto players are looking for.

Either way, it all comes down to Rockstar to reveal Grand Theft Auto 6 to us, and until then, all that fans can do is hope that the Australian Classifications Board actually had something to work with when they made that rating. I think that a 2024 release date for GTA 6 seems very likely based on different reports we have heard so far. So fingers crossed!


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