GTA 6 Will Release in 2020-2021 According to Trevor’s Voice Actor

News about Grand Theft Auto 6 just won’t stop coming. In the midst of all the rumors and leaks about the game, we have a first real confirmation. The voice actor for Trevor, one of the main protagonists for the previous title claims that the GTA 6 release date will be sometime in 2020-2021. This is the first low key confirmation we have so far.

During a Q&A at Brazil Game Show 2019, Steven Ogg, the voice behind Trevor who was a moving force for popularity with Grand Theft Auto 5 revealed that the sequel “will be out soon”. According to Brazilian publication MeUPS4, Ogg said:

It’ll be out soon. Video games are usually developed between seven to eight years. You do the math.

The popular voice actor didn’t fall behind with the already leaked release window for GTA 6. As far as the rumors go, Rockstar Game’s continuation for the Grand Theft Auto franchise sets it to 2020-2021 as well. As a result, it can be a launch title for the next-generation consoles when they release.

Back in December 2018, an anonymous third-party developer from Europe claimed that GTA 6 will be releasing on PlayStation 5 during the holiday season of 2020.

The same leak also suggested that Sony has struck a deal with Rockstar Games to keep GTA 6 exclusive to its new-generation console for an entire month. As far as rumors go, this seems like a legit possibility.

In related Grand Theft Auto 6 news, a letter emerged claiming that Rockstar Games is scouting the area of Florida for their next video game. The GTA 6 location is already in rumors to be Florida, going back to Vice City.

For now, the only solid information we have about the release of GTA 6 is the statement by Steven Ogg. It might be a long time before we find out more about the next addition to the franchise. Especially after the rumors about it hitting next-gen consoles.

We can’t wait to see what fans come up with for the next Grand Theft Auto game. Over the past 6 years, fans have created a whole universe under the umbrella of GTA. Over the years, its player base made it one of the most popular titles in existence. Races, role-playing, heists and more will probably be back but, what more can we expect?

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