Granblue Fantasy Relink Best Narmaya Build

These Skills, Weapons, and Sigils are best for the high-damage dealing Narmaya build in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

Narmaya is undoubtedly one of the strongest damage-dealing characters in the Granblue Fantasy Relink. With the best build, you can push damage further. Because of her great ability to swap between stances, she can easily reach damage over 40 million.

Narmaya’s kit is not that complicated, but you will need to optimize it for a lot of things. Narmaya’s main mechanic is the butterfly effect, and you will see them flying around her while switching between stances. These will boost the damage done by the skills based on how many butterflies are flying around.

By performing different combos, you can reach a maximum of 6 butterflies. If you love to go fast, then this best Narmaya build in Granblue Fantasy Relink is just for you. Here, you will find the best skills, weapons, sigils, and tips on how to play as Narmaya.

Best Narmaya Skills

  • Dance of the Blue Petals
  • Dance of Pink Petals
  • Transient
  • Setsuna

The first skill that we pick is the “Dance of the Blue Petals.” This will grant defense and help restore HP, which means she can survive for longer. Narmaya also gets three butterflies, which boosts the damage done by skills and protects you from getting one shot. Besides this, Narmaya has another appealing skill called “Dance of Pink Petals.”

This is an attack skill that pairs well with the last defense skill in GBF Relink. You will get a boost in attack, “Stout heart, and Supplementary DMG.” Stout Heart will make your attacks uninterruptible and grant a defense bonus. Moreover, this one also gives you three butterflies for extra damage.

The third skill we recommend for Narmaya is Transient. It is an assault attack that allows you to deal a lot of damage with different stances, and butterflies can buff it a lot. If you are using the pink stance (Freeflutter Stance), you can hit multiple targets in a close area.

The blue stance (Dawnfly Stance) will focus attacks on a single target. If you have six butterflies and are using the Pink Stance, the Transient can deal damage close to 2 million. The damage is boosted significantly in the blue stance and can go up to 3.5 million.

The fourth skill and one of the most iconic skills in this Narmaya build in Granblue Fantasy Relink is Setsuna. This is basically a charge attack that can deal up to 3 million damage with just one butterfly. While charging it up, even if enemies are about to attack, you can dodge attacks.

You don’t have to wait to use it again; you can start charging it up right away. When used together, these skills will allow you to shatter any enemy in the game.

Best Narmaya Weapons

  • Fluorithium Blade
  • Ameno Habakiri, the Beheader

Our first recommendation is the Fluorithium Blade because of the two traits this weapon has. One is the level 25 critical hit rate, and the other is the level 15 critical hit DMG.

The second weapon for Narmaya in GBF Relink, which you can choose as you reach the endgame, is a Terminus weapon called “Ameno Habakiri, the Beheader.” As the highest-level weapon, it offers some fantastic traits, better than any other weapon in the game.

It also has a “Sigil Booster” trait that will boost the sigils you use even further. This weapon also gives you DMG Cap, Regen, Quick Charge, Catastrophe, Stamina, etc.

Best Sigils for Narmaya

  • Butterfly’s Grace
  • Butterfly’s Valor
  • DMG Cap V+
  • Aegis
  • Quick Cooldown
  • Critical Hit Rate

For Narmaya, you can go with Sigils, which provides a DPS Boost along with HP and Defense. Our first sigil in this Granblue Fantasy Relink build for Narmaya is the Butterfly’s Grace, which can give Narmaya more butterflies. More butterflies mean Narmaya can deal more damage with skills like Transient.

The second sigil for Narmaya is the Butterfly’s Valor, which works excellently with Butterfly’s Grace. It reduces the chances of consuming butterflies when using high DPS skills. These two are not that great, but they make playing as Narmaya in GBF Relink comfortable.

The DMG Cap V+ sigils will boost your damage cap significantly, which means your skills can deal even more damage. You can couple it with Aegis to get the extra 36% HP to make your build more tankier. To cover up the downside of cooldown time, we will go with the Quick Cooldown sigil that will reduce the Cooldown.

The higher the level of the sigil, the more cooldown reduction you will get. Lastly, we recommend that you have a high-level Critical Hit Rate Sigil that allows you to deal more damage with critical hits. You can also choose other V and V+ sigils that buff up your skills.

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