How To Unlock Knighthood Ability In Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights are full of challenges besides the main story mission. One of the rewards you will be receiving for completing challenges is access to the Knighthood abilities.

Knighthood is a skill tree that provides players with new and unique skills for each playable hero. Gaining access to the Knighthood skill tree should be one of your top priorities as the abilities it provides are very useful in progressing through the game.

How to complete the Knighthood challenges

After going through the starting mission of the game, you will be given certain challenges to complete. These challenges must be completed to gain access to the Knighthood skill tree. This is also how you unlock the unique traversal abilities of each hero.

Do note that the Knighthood challenges are unique to each of the four playable heroes.

In total, there are three sections to the Knighthood challenges. In the first section, you would need to complete a tutorial section in Belfry. In the second section, you would have to stop ten crimes.

Finally, you would have to defect three mini-bosses. Following is a comprehensive guide on how to complete each section of the Knighthood Challenge.


Timed Strikes Training

It is a tutorial section in which you would have to perform timed hits to inflict critical damage. It is located in the Belfry. To access this tutorial module, access the training simulation under the advanced training.

One Step Ahead

When roaming around Gotham City, random events can take place. These also include crimes that you can prevent. Most of the time, you will be beating up and interrogating criminals.

Once you have interrogated a criminal, you will get clues about a crime that will happen in the future. By preventing ten of these crimes, you will complete this section for Knighthood.

Against All Odds

To complete this section, you would have to beat three mini-bosses. Coming across a mini-boss is kind of tricky. They are often the final stage of preventing a predetermined crime. You can also tackle story missions and defeat the mini-bosses you come across there. Either way, you need to defeat three of them.

After all, three sections of the Knighthood challenge are completed, head to the Batman memorial in Belfry. There a cutscene will play and you will get access to the traversal ability and Knighthood skill tree for the respective hero that you were using.

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