Google Stadia Is Bound to Fail As Most of The World Can Not Use It

Google Stadia is streaming service for video games but will it ever replace hardware? Well, the majority of the world won't be able to use the service properly.

Google announced a new gaming platform that is marketed as a disruption in the current gaming landscape. Google Stadia is Netflix like streaming service that allows players to steam AAA quality games through Google Chrome. No hardware is required to use Google’s gaming platform. However, among many details, Google discussed during its presentation, one critical detail you need to know about is the 200Mbs or 25MBps internet connection requirement.

We are aware of what Stadia can do, but how will it be able to do it if most of the world won’t be able to access it? Lag, latency, are major issues when playing on an average internet connection. The bad news for Google is that the majority of the world is using an average internet connection.

Early reports are coming in and already we are hearing about 160ms latency when playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on a 200Mbps connection. Google made bold claims about Stadia saying that it allows players to access 10.7 teraflops of computing power, run games at up to 4K resolution, and much more.

According to Speedtest dot net, the average global internet speed is 25Mbps which roughly translate to 3.1MBps.

It would take years before Google can even think about expanding its services globally. The problem isn’t with the service itself but rather with the low-quality network infrastructures around the world.

Some parts of the U.S and Europe can handle Google Stadia and offer a smooth experience. However, the majority of the users who attempt to use this service will be missing their consoles and PCs badly.

It is going to be a tough road ahead for Google’s game streaming platform, Stadia.

There is a lot of investment and power behind Google’s new venture. The company has hired some notable talent as well including Ubisoft’s former powerhouse, Jade Raymond as VP.

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