How To Farm Gold Fireflies in Elden Ring

There are different regions and locations where you can farm Gold fireflies in Elden Ring and we have covered them all.

Gold Fireflies are a rare sight in Elden Ring and are used in the crafting a valuable item, Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot. As you might already know, the Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot consumable gives players 30% more runes on consumption. So naturally, whoever is looking to farm runes in Elden Ring, he will need Gold Fireflies to craft the Fowl Foot to increase the runes they get.

These Fireflies have a habit of hanging around Minor Erdtrees which leaves us with not many locations in mind. We have handpicked some spawn locations of the Gold Fireflies which can be useful to you. We will also discuss the best farming methods to get these Fireflies.

Gold Fireflies in Weeping Peninsula

The Weeping Peninsula has a Minor Erdtree and sure enough, we found Gold Fireflies hanging around. Head on over to the Tombsward Site of Grace. From there, travel all the way south to the little pond. A small fleet of soldiers will be here to apprehend Tarnished but you can choose to either fight them or walk away.

Gold Fireflies in Mistwood

The gold Fireflies also had a good chance of spawning at the Mistwood Lake. This lake is protected by two Runebears. One will be asleep but the other will be keeping watch. It is better to collect these Firflies on horseback and run back to safety. To get here, you can head on over to Mistwood Outskirts Site of Grace and travel southwest into the canopy. There should be a water body where these bugs like to hang out and it will be hard to miss especially with the Runebears running a security group.

Gold Fireflies in Altus Plateau

The Altus Plateau Pond has also proven to have Fireflies roaming around in it. However, similar to the other locations, the Fireflies will have the company of a few others. Fast travel to the Road of Iniquity Side Path which is a Site of Grace. This site can be found underneath a bridge. Use the provided map for an idea. Travel due south from this Site of Grace and the pond shall be at the end of the cliff.

Best Method to Farm Gold Fireflies in Elden Ring

Throughout the time period Elden Ring has hit the shelves, players have been searching for innovative ways to increase their production output overall, whether it be DPS or even a base stat. as Gold Fireflies can be used in crafting resources, you can never go wrong to have a handful at your disposal at all times.

Players have run into the issue of farming with the old technique where they will collect the Fireflies and rest at the site of grace. Yet the Fireflies do not Respawn but everything else does. This indicates that there are only certain locations that can provide you with the farming opportunity of these priceless bugs.

Among all the places mentioned above, they all have a successful chance of farming except the Altus Plateau Pond. Once you secure those Fireflies, they will not be respawning again but if they do, it won’t be a short while. They will definitely take their time coming back but the Mistwood Pond and Weeping Peninsula will remain successful in respawning them. The recommended site for farming is the Weeping Peninsula location as it spawns more Fireflies than the Mistwood Pond so it will save you a bit of time and also give you some extra Gold Fireflies on your hands as well.

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