Godfall Reveal Planned For March 2020

Godfall remains in active development and fair to say, not much has been revealed by Counterplay Games about the PlayStation 5 exclusive. The developer has only provided a vague trailer that only raises more questions than answers. Thankfully, a major reveal has been planned, albeit not immediately.

Speaking with PSLS in a recent interview, creative director Keith Lee confirmed that Godfall will be fully revealed next spring. That puts the date around March at the earliest and when Counterplay Games will probably be detailing the gameplay, which mixes drop-in co-op with loot-based melee-focused combat.

What little details have been made public until now place emphasis on a kinaesthetic combat system that was designed specifically for DualShock 5. The technological advancements of the new PlayStation 5 controller — new adaptive triggers and haptic feedback — promise to “make moment-to-moment combat feel exhilarating and visceral” for players in the mystical high-fantasy setting.

Godfall is one of the first games officially announced to be part of the launch lineup for PlayStation 5 during the holiday season of 2020. It’s set in an entirely new universe that may possibly see Sony tackling the Destiny formula again but in next-generation sphere.

The game will also release for PC but as an Epic Games Store exclusive, at least at the start. Neither Counterplay Games nor Sony has commented on the exclusivity period. Suffice to say, Steam will eventually get Godfall either six months or a year later. Xbox Series X, though, will probably miss out. Lee specifically mentioned how Godfall has been developed around both PlayStation 5 and DualShock 5. Hence, the game does look to be console exclusive.

With Gearbox Software heading publishing duties, a focus on collecting (and upgrading) ever-escalating sets of loot and weapons can be easily expected. With both Destiny and Anthem out there, both publisher and developer have a lot of sources to note down the things that fans of the genre want. These demands cover content support as well, which Counterplay Games is surprisingly not working on right now. The developer has, however, promised to provided an update on post-launch support sometime next year after Godfall has reached the end of development.

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