God of War 4 Shooting Nearly Finished, More News Coming Soon

God of War 4 didn’t get any press at the Playstation Experience this past weekend, but Cory Barlog of Santa Monica has said that God of War 4 shooting is nearly finished in the game’s production, meaning that the game’s mo-cap is nearly done so that the game’s action pieces will be ready to work on.

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Barlog has been answering a good number of questions on Twitter ever since the game was first revealed at the Playstation conference at E3 2016, dealing with everything from the combat to the characters to exactly what the role of Kratos’s son will be, or even exactly what his name and relation to Kratos is.

There will likely be more news about it in the future, but Barlog also said that God of War 4 shooting still has a little ways to go. Otherwise Sony Santa Monica appears to be working hard to meet the game’s deadline so that they can continue to get the game in a state that can get a release date attached to it at some point. There’s still no confirmed release date for the game, but if the God of War 4 shooting is nearly completed, it seems like Sony Santa Monica is making good progress on the game.

In other news, the lore of the first God of War series still might be somewhat applicable in the game when it comes out. Even though Kratos destroyed the world initially with the deaths of the Greek gods, many characters in the new Norse setting the game has taken will likely address Kratos as “Spartan”, like many of the other, minor characters in the original God of War series did.

Either way, we’ll have to wait until what’s likely next E3 and other Playstation events to learn more about God of War 4, and in the meantime Sony Santa Monica will still be hard at work.