God of War 4 Combat Detailed By Cory Barlog, No Release Date Yet

Cory Barlog took to Twitter today to answer a few fans and their questions about the God of War 4 combat and the game’s release date. While he couldn’t satisfy them with the latter (Sony Santa Monica still has no idea of when the game will be released), he was able to somewhat satisfy them with the combat.

Cory Barlog is the creative director of Sony Santa Monica, and is thus in a pretty good position to talk about where God of War 4 actually is, and while he couldn’t give us a release date, he did make the combat sound promising.

Combat is an extremely important part of the God of War series (it’s in the name, after all), and with the new angle that the game is going to be taking, it’ll be essentially impossible for the game to have the same sort of mobility and bombastic attacks that the original games have.

According to Barlog, God of War 4 combat will involve not only rolling, but also blocks and parries. As we could see in the God of War 4 trailer at the Playstation E3 conference, Kratos will also be able to throw his axe and then call it back to him. However, whether we’ll have more weapons other than just the axe is a mystery. Every other God of War game has had different weapons and spells available for Kratos to use in combat, but what sorts of things, if they happen, will God of War 4 involve?

Hopefully God of War 4 combat can be just as good as it was in the previous God of War games, or if the game has the same sense of scale (though he seems confident that it will) but we’ll have to just wait and see how it measures up when the game comes out (which will likely be at some point next year.