Where To Get Hardened Remnants In God Of War: Ragnarok

The following guide will tell you the wreckage site locations so that you can start gathering Hardened Remnants in God of War: Ragnarok.

Hardened Remnants are a unique and extremely rare type of crafting resource in God of War: Ragnarok. They are used to upgrade your gear but as already stated, are difficult to come by.

Hardened Remnants are tied to The Last Remnants of Asgard, one of the many favors and side quests that you get after beating the main storyline.

Following the destruction of Asgard at the end of the game, some of its remnants have fallen all across the realms. You must find these wreckage sites and defeat the mighty Einherjar and Asgardian warriors that are standing guard.

You will then be able to loot a red Legendary Chest that randomly contains either Fortified Remnants, Tempered Remnants, or Hardened Remnants.

The following guide will tell you all of the wreckage site locations so that you can start gathering as many Remnants as possible in God of War: Ragnarok.

How to get more Hardened Remnants from the red chests?

Before heading into the Remnant locations, there is something important that you should know beforehand. Each red chest at the wreckage sites has a random chance of giving you a random Remnant.

This is unlike the other Legendary Chests in the game that have guaranteed loot. Hardened Remnants are rarer than Fortified and Tempered Remnants, so you can easily complete the Last Remnants of Asgard favor without looting your required amount of Hardened Remnants.

The trick here is to save your game before opening each red chest. If you do not get any Hardened Remnants, reload your game and try again. Do this for every red chest at each wreckage site.

The Last Remnants of Asgard locations

The Last Remnants of Asgard favor will automatically begin when you beat the main story. There are a total of 10 wreckage sites and their locations will be marked on your map.

Take heed that the Einherjar are no pushovers. They are the elite warriors of Odin himself, so you will have to put in some extra effort to defeat them in order to access the red chests.

Remnants of Asgard #1 (Freyr’s Camp, Vanaheim)

You must venture north of the Mystic Gateway and towards Freyr’s Camp. Once you reach this place, you can loot the chest, after which you will have to face the Einherjar and defeat them. Remember to save your game before looting, so you don’t miss out on the Hardened Remnant.

Remnants of Asgard #2 (Eastern Barri Woods, Vanaheim)

The wreckage is found on the shore where you fought two Drekis. Visit the Eastern end of the Barri Wood and follow the path with the wooden planks, you will end up on the route toward the Einherjar camp.

You must take on the enemy forces, including the Labor “Kill Wyvern.” Once you have defeated the Einherjar and the rest of the enemy in that small camp, you can spot the red chest near the tent.

Remnants of Asgard #3 (The Strond, Alfheim)

To obtain the Remnant, make your way to the Mystic Gateway at the Strond. There you need to head southwest toward the Temple of Light.

Remnants of Asgard #4 (The Barrens, Alfheim)

When you reach the Barrens at Alfheim, you need to head east. Make your way towards its back, and then climb over it. As you do that, you will have to face your enemies.

Remnants of Asgard #5 (Well of Urd, Midgard)

In Midgard, you need to head towards the cliffside. Once you reach the cliffside, make your way toward the Well of Urd. You will notice the enemy encampment there. Engage the enemies at the bottom of the well.

Remnants of Asgard #6 (Lake of Nine, Midgard)

The location of this Lake is easily visible on the map on the bridge. You can locate it at the center of the area. The objective here is to find Tyr’s Temple, which you can do by taking the elevator. As you encounter the chest, you will have to face the enemies guarding it.

Remnants of Asgard #7 (Jarnsmida Pitmines, Svartalfheim)

This is a trickier place to get as it will require you to use your Draupnir Spear and your Leviathan Axe as you come from the Apple core side. The wreckage will be visible when you reach the right spot, along with the red chest. Loot the chest and defeat your enemies.

Remnants of Asgard #8 (Aurvangar Wetlands, Svartalfheim)

To find the wreckage spot at the Aurvangar Wetlands, go towards the northern end. You will find an isolated island with a unique entrance that you can’t miss.

Remnants of Asgard #9 (Alberich Hollow, Svartalfheim)

You’ll find this red chest at Alberich Hollow. Simply head over to the entrance leading you to Alberich Hollow, near Dragon Beach. Climb up to find the chest at the end.

Remnants of Asgard #10 (Burning Cliffs, Muspelheim)

The key to getting the red chest here is first going to the Entrance of Surtr’s Forge. You need to track down your steps from the Mystic Gateway to find the wreckage site. There you will encounter both the Red chest and your enemies.

Once you clear that area from the Einherjar and the Asgardian soldiers, you can access the red chest for the Hardened remnants.

How to use Remnants in God of War: Ragnarok

Fortified RemnantUsed to upgrade Shield attachments to level 9.
Tempered RemnantUsed to upgrade Armor pieces to level 9.
Hardened RemnantUsed to upgrade the Leviathan Axe attachments to level 9.
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