God Of War Ragnarok Guiding Light Favor Walkthrough

Amongst the armor sets available for Kratos in God of War Ragnarok, the Guiding Light Armor is the best if the player chooses a defensive approach. This armor is rewarded for completing the Guiding Light favor in God of War Ragnarok.

This favor will require Kratos and his companions to investigate the different wreckage sites of Tyr’s statue that are located all over the Lake of Nine.

How to start Guiding Light in God of War Ragnarok

The Guiding Light side quest is activated once Kratos interacts with any one of the four wreckage sites that are located on the Lake of Nine in Midgard. It is to be noted, however, that this quest is only made available once the player has progressed until the Word of Favor main quest.

Investigating the Wreckage Sites

There are four different wreckage sites, which consists of Tyr’s Helmet, Spear, Left Bracer, and Right Bracer. While exploring these wreckage sites Kratos and his companions will come across a rune inscribed on the armor, and at three of the four sites, you’ll find pieces of the Guiding Light armor set.

Tyr’s Hemet

You can find this wreckage site at the north side of the Raider Stronghold, which is located near Tyr’s Temple. At this wreckage site you’ll find Tyr’s helmet, upon which you’ll notice a glowing runic inscription. Interact with this rune, which reads, “Win Minds, Not Wars”, and look around the area to find the Breastplate of Guiding Light near a campfire under the helmet.

Tyr’s Spear

Tyr’s spear can be found at the east of the Raider’s Stronghold. It is hard to miss since the rune inscribed onto it will be glowing with a bright blue hue, indicating its presence. Interact with the rune which reads, “Wish for Peace: Be Ready for War.”

Search around this site of wreckage and you’ll find the essence of Jotunheim, which can be combined with your amulet of Yggdrasil.

Tyr’s Left Bracer

You can find Tyr’s Left Bracer near the Raider’s Fort, at its northern site. It’ll become visible once you can spot the bright blue glow of the rune inscribed onto it. Interact with the rune which reads, “Defend the Peace.”. Explore around this area, and you’ll find the Gauntlets of Guiding Light in this area

Tyr’s Right Bracer

Finding this piece of the statue’s wreckage requires a bit more exploration as compared to the rest. You’ll be required to head towards the north of Tyr’s temple. Here you’ll notice a giant slab of rock with a sigil inscribed onto it.

Lift it and move ahead, where you’ll come across a hollow structure. You can move under this wreckage, you’ll come across an enemy which needs to be defeated.

Once the enemy has been dealt with you’ll notice a bunch of vines blocking your access to the statue’s wreckage. Clear out the vines and interact with the runic inscription which reads, “Iron Peace, Not a Golden War.”

Explore the wreckage and you’ll find the last piece of the armor, the Waist Guard of the Guiding Light. This quest is completed once you’ve interacted with all four of the wreckage sites. Equip the three armor pieces to complete the Guiding Light Armor set.

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