How To Defeat Frost Phantom In God Of War: Ragnarok

The Frost Phantom is a primordial, magical creature that you will face as a mini-boss in the latter chapters of...

The Frost Phantom is a primordial, magical creature that you will face as a mini-boss in the latter chapters of God of War: Ragnarok.

These ancient creatures use frost magic to draw energy from nearby Runic Springs. They are completely immune to all sorts of damage and the only way to defeat a Frost Phantom is to first take out its source of energy—Runic Springs.

The following guide will tell you more about what kind of attacks the Frost Phantom does and you can build its stun meter in God of War: Ragnarok.

Where to find the Frost Phantom

You will encounter The Frost Phantom while heading toward the Norns in Midgard during The World of Fate chapter. When you enter a clearing on the way, free the second Hafgufas near the reddish rocks to spawn The Frost Phantom.

Best strategy to defeat the Frost Phantom

First of all, as the name indicated, Frost Phantom is made of frost and takes no stun damage from the Leviathan Axe. You must use either Blade of Chaos or your Spears to fill the stun bar as soon as the phantom does a ground slam, which is unblockable.

From here on, most of the phantom’s attacks revolve around dashing into you. These are blockable, but we recommend that you avoid dodging them altogether.

You probably have fought a Flame Phantom before, and you know that you deal health damage to the phantom by damaging its core, but the same is not true for the Frost Phantom.

Once you stun the Frost Phantom, don’t go on attacking the core. Instead, you can find three purple pillars around the area where you encounter the boss. You should target these pillars to deplete Frost Phantom’s health.

You can attack them with a spear, axe, or even arrows to damage them. Mostly, you can break only one of the three pillars every time you stun Frost Phantom, but you can try damaging a second so that it breaks faster the next time you stun Frost Phantom.

Keep in mind that your best chance to attack the pillar is when the stun bar is filled. During the fight, Frost Phantom will be stunned for short durations, allowing you to keep attacking to fulfill the stun meter.

After you break the first pillar, the phantom gains a few new attacks. Most noticeably, Frost Phantom summons frost crystals that explode after a short time. But you can completely block the damage from these.

After you destroy the last pillar, Frost Phantom will appear again, but this time, the stun meter is almost complete from the get-go. Here, a few attacks will be sufficient to stun the phantom for the last time, allowing you to go in for the kill animation.

For the last time, one of the pillars is on the ground just behind the cliff. If you land a few hits on the second pillar, you can use melee attacks to break the third pillar fast enough, allowing you to kill the phantom in just two stuns.

Frost Phantom’s rewards and loot

  • 500x Kratos XP
  • 500x Freya XP
  • Chaos Flame (Weapon Upgrade)
  • 25x Shattered Rune
  • 25x Bonded Leather
  • 3x Honed Metal
  • 3x Stonewood
  • 3x Dwarven Steel
  • 1x Jewel of Yggdrasil (Weapon Upgrade)
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