God Of War: Ragnarok Across The Realms Favor Walkthrough

In this guide we will go over the locations of all the items you need to collect for Across the Realms favor in God of War Ragnarok.

Across the Realms is a favor that tasks you to find four ingredients in four different realms in God of War: Ragnarok.

The task can be tedious, especially if you have not activated most of the Mystic Gateways. but your reward for completing the side quest will be the Meal of Comfort which permanently increases all of your stats in the game.

While you will be given clues to the locations of each ingredient, tracking them down is still going to require a bit of effort.

Hence, the following walkthrough will mark the locations of all four ingredients for you to make your search easier in God of War: Ragnarok.

How to start Across the Realms

In God of War Ragnarok during your venture into the Midgard, Lake of Nine you’ll discover a peculiar rainbow campfire on the northwestern side.

This camp is known as the Eternal Campfire, and it is here that you will find the ‘Across the Realms’ favor. You’ll notice a book with a yellow heart symbol on it, grab it to begin the favor.

How to complete Across the Realms

At first glance, the Across the Realms favor appears to be fairly straightforward. It assigns you the task of locating four ingredients spread across the realms.

The ingredients are as follows:

The good news is that the location of each one is specified in the objectives, but exploring the entire area can take some time. To save you the trouble, we’ll pinpoint the location of each ingredient.

However, before we dive any further, it is worth noting that each ingredient is indicated by a colorful heart symbol.

So, when looking for these, keep an eye out for hearts to aid in your search for the ingredients.

Nordic Gourd location

The Nordic Gourd is by far the most accessible ingredient. It’s in Midgard, right under your nose. All you have to do is turn around from the campfire and take a short walk.

Eventually, you’ll catch sight of a Yellow Heart on the ice. This is your cue that the ingredient is nearby. Head over to the symbol to find the first ingredient in the form of a Nordic Gourd.

Prongfruit location

The next ingredient is the Prongfruit and it will have you travel all the way to Svartalfheim. When you reach the area, complete the Forge and head over to the train tracks.

Next up, you’re required to get to the Nornir Chest which is down the hill towards the right. Once there, you’ll find a Green Heart marking.

Heads up, the ingredient is close! In this case, the Prongfruit lies on the left side of the chest.

Bantam Melon location

The next ingredient on the list is Bantam Melon found in the realm of Vanaheim at the Sinkhole. To get to the sinkhole, you must first gain access to the Crater.

It can be done by completing the favor Scent of Survival. Now with the Crater unlocked, complete the Return of River to gain access to the Sinkhole.

In the Sinkhole, head left and open the gate using the chain found on the right side. Get through the gate and head straight. A Yellow Heart marking can be found to the left.

Jump across the gap to reach the other side. In front of the heart symbol lies the Bantam Melon.

Elven Cap location

The final ingredient for the quest is the Elven Cap which is found in the Forbidden Sands of the Alfheim region. To be precise, the Elven cap is found in the southwestern region of the Forbidden Sands.

Head to the area and you’ll find a Red Heart marking near the Nornir Chest area. A fallen pillar will be in front of you. Simply slip under the pillar to find the Elven cap towards the right.

Now with all four ingredients on hand, return to the Eternal Campfire and ask Mimir to finish the story. As the story concludes you can claim the following rewards

  • Meal of Comfort – Boosts all of your stats by 5
  • 30x Whispering Slab
  • XP for both characters
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