God of War Idunn Apples Locations Guide

With the help of our God of War Idunn Apples Locations Guide, you will be able to find all the Idunn Apples in God of War 4. Idunn Apples in God of War.

This God of War Guide will help you uncover all lost Idunn Apples in God of War 4. With directions for each location and the instructions for getting there in the shortest time, you will find our God of War Idunn Apples Locations quite useful.

God of War Idunn Apples

Idunn Apples in God of War are rare items that are unearthed by Atreus and Kratos. There are a total of 9 Idunn Apples hidden around in the world of God of War. Although most of these are acquirable through completion of Main Story Missions, you will need to venture out and away from the main path for the other ones.

What Do Idunn Apples Do in God of War

Kratos has limited health at the start of the game and if you are struggling to defeat enemies in God of War, you might want to consider increasing his maximum health. That is where Idunn Apples come in. Finding and consuming Idunn Apples in GoW will increase Kratos’s HP bar.

If you are looking to upgrade your HP bar indefinitely, you will only require x3 Idunn Apples. Otherwise, if you are the completionist type, be our guest and take a look at the locations for all the God of War Idunn Apples below.

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Where to Find Idunn Apples in God of War

Idunn Apple #1

Location: Wild Woods

During the earlier parts of the game, after your first combat, you will find yourself walking on a pavement marked with circles with paths branching out in all directions. Head straight to find a temple along with three Rune Pots that need to be destroyed. The first rune is in a wooden cart, the other two are on the walls in this area. Right in front of the wooden board you’ll find a cavern. This is where you’ll find the first Idunn Apple.

Idunn Apple #2

Location: Wild Woods

The second one can be obtained in the marketplace. Once you have completed your first puzzle involving a bridge after you have your first fight with a Revenant. Climb up the path that splits and move towards your right where you will find a Nornir Chest nearby a bridge. You’ll find an “N” shaped rune located behind it, use your axe to break it.

Idunn Apple #3

Location: Midgard

This one can be found near the end of the River Pass area after your fight with a Fire Troll.

Idunn Apple #4

Location: Midgard

You’ll find a Nornir chest at the Lookout Tower, move to your southeast towards the Lake of Nine. You’ll find three bells, throw your Leviathan Axe at the orange spinner to lower their spikes. You’ll find the first bell towards the left and the second towards right. The third is at the right on top of a waterfall. Ring these three bells quickly so that they ring in sync to unlock the chest.

Idunn Apple #5

Location: Midgard

After you have defeated the dragon, re-enter the mountain and make your way up to the tall room where you’ll find a bridge that can be raised and lowered. Head to the Nornir Chest where Reavers are praying and use the Shatter Crystal at the Red Sap Wall to enter the Jotnar Shrine.

Once you are inside, you’ll find an “N” shaped rune to your right. Head back to the bridge and look nearby to find a “C” shaped rune. You may use the wheels to raise the bridge. Take out your axe and freeze the gear to hold it in place. Now look to your right to find the “R” looking rune. Now you can return back to the chest and open it.

Idunn Apple #6

Location: Alfheim

After The Light of Alfheim, reactivate the Ringed Temple Bridge objective inside the Ringed Temple Trench. Towards your side, you’ll find a locked Nornir Chest and on the opposite side, you’ll find a coffin on a ledge. A rune will be hidden nearby.

Look at the wheel mechanism nearby and lower the floor slowly. Nearby you’ll find an “R” shaped Rune. Freeze the gear and then drop down to punch the Rune. In the same spot, you’ll find a “C” shaped Rune.

Now return to the wheel and lower the middle and outer platforms then look behind you to find an “N” shaped Rune. Now go up and unlock the Nornir Chest.

Idunn Apple #7

Location: Tyr’s Vault

Once you’re inside the temple, in Tyr’s Vault go to the main room. Look down the hall opposite from the main room and you’ll find two spike walls moving into the wall. Freeze the second one and dodge past the other ones to find a Nornir Chest towards the end of the hall.

Turn around and look at the activated spikes to discover the “C” looking rune. Head back to the earlier room and look along the shelves to your left to find the “R” looking rune. Lastly head to the new hall opposite of the wheel mechanism to find the “N” looking Rune on the right of the first spiky block. Return to the Nornir to collect the Idunn Apple.

Idunn Apple #8

Location: Forgotten Caverns

After dealing with the Hel-Walkers, you will come across a pole with Rune Pots on it. You will have to time your attacks in order to hit them. Once you are done, the Idunn Apple can be obtained while in the Lake of Nine region.

Idunn Apple #9

Location: Light Elf Outpost

This Rune pot is only accessible once the water has dropped twice. You’ll find it towards the North West of the Lake of Nine. The Nornir Chest is visible once you enter this island. Destroy the wooden barrier below it to reveal the blue crystal. Shoot it using Atreus to form a bridge. You’ll discover the “R” rune towards the left. Continue walking on this path and you’ll find an “N” and “C” as well.

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