God of War Idunn Apples Locations Guide – How To Increase Kratos’ Health, All Health Upgrades Locations

This God of War Guide will help you uncover all lost Idunn Apples in God of War 4. With directions for each location and the instructions for getting there in the shortest time, you will find our God of War Idunn Apples Locations quite useful.

God of War Idunn Apples Locations

There are a total of 9 Idunn Apples hidden around in the world of God of War. Although most of these are acquirable through completion of Main Story Missions, you will need to venture out and away from the main path for the other ones.

However, do not worry, if you are looking to upgrade your HP bar indefinitely, you will only require x3 Idunn Apples. Otherwise, if you are the completionist type, be our guest and take a look at the locations for all the God of War Idunn Apples below.

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Idunn Apples #1
Location: Wild Woods
During the earlier parts of the game, you will find yourself walking on a pavement marked with circles with paths branching out in all directions. Head straight to find a temple along with three Rune Pots that need to be destroyed. This will allow you to get your first Idunn Apple.

Idunn Apples #2
Location: Wild Woods
The second one can be obtained once you have completed your first puzzle involving a bridge after you have your first fight with a Revenant.

Idunn Apples #3
Location: Midgard
This one can be found near the end of the River Pass area after your fight with a Fire Troll.

Idunn Apples #4
Location: Midgard
Use the Leviathan Axe and throw it towards one of the switches to lower down the spikes giving you a chance at hitting the timed pots. This will allow you access to the chest containing the Idunn Apple in the Lookout Tower.

Idunn Apples #5
Location: Midgard
During the ‘Inside the Mountain’ quest, you will be required to fight off against your first Heavy Viken after which you can destroy the Rune Pots to gain access to the Idunn Apple chest.

Idunn Apples #6
Location: Alfheim
Proceeding to the Temple of Light (in the middle of the lake), you will need to use the elevator to reach and destroy the Rune Pots. This will help you unlock the Rune Chest so you can grab the Idunn Apple.

Idunn Apples #7
Location: Tyr’s Vault
Inside the vault, proceed to destroy the Rune Pots located near the chest and on the ceiling.

Idunn Apples #8
Location: Forgotten Caverns
After dealing with the Hel-Walkers, you will come across a pole with Rune Pots on it. You will have to time your attacks in order to hit them. Once you are done, the Idunn Apple can be obtained while in the Lake of Nine region.

Idunn Apples #9
Location: Light Elf Outpost
Rune Pots need to be destroyed are located on the walls as you explore the Lake of Nine region.

This is all we have in our God of War Idunn Apples Locations Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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