This Is God Of War 4’s Exclusive Cover For Day One Edition

The God Of War 4's Exclusive Cover for its first day is going to be different than the one most will be expecting. The developers Santa Monica Studio.

The highly anticipated game that is scheduled to roll out in April, God Of War 4 has had a lot of trailers and details rolled out in the past few weeks. While the hype is almost at the peak, fans are more and more anxious to play the game. Fans under no circumstance want to miss out on any of the details regarding the game. So you guys should know that God Of War 4’s Exclusive Cover will be featured on its first day of release.

Very recently it became known that the publication of the game God Of War 4 on its first day of action will have an exclusive version of the cover. While the regular game boxes will see Kratos standing in the boat with his son against the backdrop of a remote mountain peak.

For the first-day release version edition, the developers Sony Santa Monica studio have selected an art depicting the protagonists Kratos and his son Atreus battling with a huge troll, which is seemingly pretty interesting.

Both of the covers are available for the fans to see. You can also pre-order the game as it is now available. For those who have not seen all the trailers and gameplay of the game and want to watch them in sequence to make a better sense out of them, then you are in luck, we have glued together all the official cinematic as well as gameplay trailer together in one video for you guys.

With that said, considering there is so much information on the internet regarding the game other than the trailers that we decided to collect all the authentic details of the game, that is available until now and have combined them together to make a better understanding of the different aspects of the game.

That also has been made available to you and we would recommend you to give that a try before you play the game when it rolls out. Interesting information to add here is that very recently Cory Barlog the creative director at Santa Monica has confirmed that the game will not be featuring any microtransactions.

We certainly can not wait to get our hands on the game God Of War 4. The game is a PS4 exclusive that is scheduled to roll out on 20th April this year.

For now, What do you think of the God Of War 4’s Exclusive Cover for the first day? Let us know in the comments below.