Ghost Recon Wildlands Rejects the Need of an Internet Connection

The vision that the developers have for Ghost Recon Wildlands is pretty rich, and one part of that is where they are proving how it is bogus that you need to stay online for a good gaming experience.

The developers have already promised that a truly impressive single player experience will accompany the game, but how exactly that’s going to happen has not been revealed yet.

In that regard, someone took to the official forums of the game and inquired the Community Manager, UbiKeeba about the expanse of the single player elements. In his reply, the community manager revealed that you will be able to play the campaign alone, offline with the help of three AI and without any hurdles or limitations!

There is a rich, immersive co-op campaign that can be played alone, offline with 3 AI.

Looking at how different developers have been ignoring a portion of the community that doesn’t want to always be online in order to fully enjoy a game, this is a very considerate step that has been taken by Ubisoft.

Not only that, they are staying true to the promise of a true single player experience in this war on drugs based game.

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Moving on, it has also been revealed by a veteran Ghost Recon player, AI BLUEFOX, on the developer forums that distance between the four co-op players is not going to matter at all. His word is usually reliable since he has been involved with the developers through closed door events he is usually invited to:

As this topic came up in the helicopter thread some of you may miss the answer. A question was asked if there was a maximum distance between the players preventing you from going too far from the host. The good news is there isn’t. You can go anywhere on the map.

Ghost Recon Wildlands 2

So tell us, with the single player of Ghost Recon Wildlands shaping up pretty nicely, and proving that it is not as much of a problem as other studios consider it to be, should this be a more common practice with major titles?

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