Ghost Recon Wildlands Influenced by War on Drugs, Says Ubisoft

Ghost Recon Wildlands developers say that the game is highly influenced by the war on drugs and has dictators, Nazi captain Klaus Barbie and more.

It is clear from the way Ubisoft is talking about Ghost Recon Wildlands that the game is going to be narrative rich. However, it has also been conveyed by the developers now that they have had the help of some real life experts in the matter of the “war of drugs” which is one of the primary influences the game has had.

Sam Strachman, the Narrative Designer for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, was recently talking about the game’s story where he revealed a few additional tidbits about it.

The story of Ghost Recon Wildlands is of course a work of fiction, but is heavily influenced by the ‘War on Drugs’, in terms of recent events but especially in regards to the past fifty years. What makes Bolivia so interesting is how the War on Drugs has affected its cultural and political development.

He went on to reveal that the narrative is going to introduce you to Nazi captain Klaus Barbie, cocoa leaf history and numerous dictators.

For the intricate matters of the war on drugs references in Ghost Recon Wildlands, they have had help from a host of Spec Ops personnel including ones with backgrounds of AFSOC, DELTA, DEA, MARSOC, DEVGRU and more!

Ubisoft is already teasing that the problems of the drug world is complicated and has no clear ending to it which also hints at the variety of options players might have in the game.

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