Ghost Recon Breakpoint Best Sniper Rifles Guide

If you prefer long-range engagements with the enemy then our best sniper rifles guide is perfect for you to get an edge in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Sniper Rifles are arguably the most vital weapons in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. This is because a lot of PvE and PvP battles often consist of a few campers picking off targets left and right.

If you enter a battle with the wrong loadout and enemy snipers present and try your luck charging at them then that’s not going to end well for you. Ghost Recon Breakpoint has 10 different Sniper Rifles but which one is the best? Let’s go over that.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Best Sniper Rifles

These are all the available sniper rifles in the game

  • L115A3
  • M82
  • SRSA1
  • HTI
  • Recon-A1
  • MK14
  • G28
  • FRF-2
  • TAC-50
  • Dragunov (SVD)

Now we can’t really pick one of these and state that it’s objectively the best sniper rifle in the game. Each one has it’s own set of benefits and drawbacks. That said; there some notable examples that can be strong contenders for the title of the best.

  • TAC-50: This gun has the most impressive stats for a Sniper Rifle. Not only is it super precise, but equipping it with the Sniper perk and Sharpshooter class skill activated will greatly reduce the bullet drop and increase your range to 500m.
  • Recon-A1: A lot of damage, low recoil, super accurate and all and all a reliable weapon. The only con of having this weapon is the slow reload speed.

How To Snipe: Useful Tips
The greater the distance from which you shoot; the greater the chance for the bullet drop effect to kick in. Your range can be altered by many things:

  • The gun’s base range
  • Equipping the Ballistic Advantage sniper perk
  • The Armor Buster class skill reduces the bullet drop by half when active

Try twinkling with the notches on the scope to adjust how well and how far you can see.

You can find out the exact range of your scope at a bivouac near Dead Horse Swamp in Smuggler’s Cove. You can practice your aiming at a wooden beam there and then ping the spot of the shot with your drone.

There is a boat that you can use to increase the distance between you and your target. Once you’ve gotten the scope’s notches down pat, you can perform headshots from 200 meters away.

Ghost War is the PvP deathmatch mode that is ideal for snipers. You find yourself a nice perch to camp in while you pick off enemies from a distance. Anyone brave or dumb enough to try rushing at the sniper is in for a bad time.

That about covers all you need to know regarding Sniper weapons in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.