Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Best Loadouts Guide

This guide helps break down all the features of the new loadouts system in Ghost Recon Breakpoint so you can customize the best one to suit your needs

With the addition of RPG mechanics in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, you can customize your character, equip them with the right tools (weapons and gears) and pick a class (1 out of 4) and bestow them with certain abilities known as Perks in order to set them up with the best loadouts possible. You can then use this Loadout during both PvE and with the exception of a few changes even in PvP.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Best Loadouts

As mentioned above, Ghost Recon Breakpoint includes RPG mechanics such as skill trees which are far more complex and expansive than what players might have witnessed in Wildlands. Investing skill points in the right areas can mean the world when it comes to tough firefights.

Before we begin, you should try to unlock as many skills on the Skill Tree as possible, otherwise, you’ll be creating Loadouts without any Perks whatsoever, and that will seriously hinder any progress you’re otherwise likely to make. Below we have broken down all the aspects of loadout creation in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.


There are a total of 4 classes for you to choose from, each boasting different abilities, proficiencies, and class exclusive items. Choosing a class not only affects your own character’s individual performance but also affects how your team functions as a whole; make sure to pick the one that compliments your play style the most.

The 4 classes are:


Class Item: Gas Grenade

Class Proficiencies: Resilience and Assault Proficiency

Class Technique: True Grit

Field Medic

Class Item: Medkit

Class Proficiencies: Phoenix, First Aid and Pallbearer

Class Technique: Healing Drone


Class Item: Sensor Launcher

Class Proficiencies: Deep Lungs and Long Range Proficiency

Class Technique: Armor Buster


Class Item: Cloaking Spray

Class Proficiencies: Silent Death, In the Shadows and Swift Steps

Class Technique: Cloak & Run


This part’s gonna take a while, let me tell you. It’s because there are a total of 10 branches in the Skill Tree, with a whopping 64 Skills in total for you to unlock and equip. It’s a bit of a chore to unlock them but doing so could mean the difference between a dominating victory or an embarrassing defeat. The 10 branches are:

  • Basic Skills
  • Weapon Skills
  • Recon Skills
  • Sniper Skills
  • Survivor Skills
  • Tactics Skills
  • Economy Skills
  • Stealth Skills
  • Gadget Skills
  • Assault Skills


You’re allowed to carry with you 2 primary weapons and a single secondary weapon. These must be picked in conjunction with your Class, as the choice in Class can boost or lessen the Stats of your weapons. There are several categories of weapons: Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Handguns, Launchers, Machine Guns, Mounted Guns, and Shotguns.

Your weapons can be upgraded, and can also have attachments with further enhance and augment their stats, meaning you’ll have to work tirelessly in order to get the most out of your equipment.
You also have a backup in which you store inventory. It’s advisable to carry healing items (bandages and syringes) alongside tactical equipment such as grenades, flashbangs, etc.


These are your character’s tactical gear, items that are not purely cosmetic. These items affect your Gear Level, and the higher your Gear Level is, the better your equipped items perform, the more hits you can take, and whether you’re given access to certain areas or not.

Mind you, it’s not as if each and every single gear has an effect on your Level – in other words, some of these gears are purely for cosmetic purposes. However, that shouldn’t deter you from exploring the world and trying to find as many items as possible. Your gear includes:

  • Headwear
  • Handwear
  • Vest
  • Pants
  • Footwear

Now that you have a clear understanding of what a Loadout is and how you’re supposed to go about crafting one, the following are some of the Loadouts I personally like. Not to say these are the Best Breakpoint Loadouts, but they are good enough for anyone interested in the game to try out (must be mentioned again that you have to unlock many of the Skills, collect gear, and various other items before being able to use them in a Loadout).

Best Loadouts

Assault Loadout #1


  • Pack Mule
  • Gunslinger
  • Slim Shadow

Primary Weapons:

  • Heckler and Koch G36 Assault Rifle
  • MAS FR F2 Sniper

Secondary Weapon:

  • Fictional Revolver Handgun


  • S & S WetWorX Cold Gloves
  • Sentinel Sniper Chest Rig
  • Chinois
  • Oakley LSA
  • Beanie

Assault Loadout #2:


  • Slim Shadow
  • Maximum Ammo
  • Feel no Pain

Primary Weapons:

  • Heckler and Koch UMP Submachine Gun
  • SVD-63 Sniper

Secondary Weapon:

  • P227 Handgun


  • Field Cap
  • Blackhawk Elite Gloves
  • Hunter Vest
  • Sentinel Kneepads
  • Ranger Boots

Panther Loadout


  • Slim Shadow
  • Gunslinger
  • Stamina Regen Speed

Primary Weapons:

  • SN-9mm Submachine Gun
  • 805 BREN Assault Rifle

Secondary Weapon:

  • P320 Handgun


  • Oakley Lightweight Gloves
  • Heavy Gunner Tac-Vest
  • Vasilly
  • Oakley Light Assault Boots

These are just a handful of Loadouts for you to check out, however, you’re encouraged to go at your own pace, figure out your play style, and craft your own, personal Loadout that benefits you and you alone!

I hope that this Ghost Recon Loadouts Guide was able to expand your understanding of this game and its mechanisms, which, in turn, will hopefully help you when you try this game out for yourself.