Ghost Recon Breakpoint Weapon Blueprints and Attachment Locations Guide

Looking for your favorite weapon in Ghost Recon Breakpoint? Find its blueprints locations and attachments in the game by the following our TIPS.

Apart from the usual scavenger hunt for weapons, Ghost Recon Breakpoint allows players to make their own weapons from scratch using blueprints, and a series of weapon attachments to improve the weapons’ stats. Our guide will focus on the locations of Breakpoint weapons blueprints and attachments for you to deck out your weapons however you see fit.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Weapons Blueprints and Attachments

Blueprints play an essential role in creating new and improved weapons. Blueprints help you craft your favorite weapons to match your character’s level. Ghost Recon Breakpoint blueprints are designed so that you can have your gun for the entire game.

These blueprints can be found in various locations across the open world of Aurora. In addition, you can use them to craft the weapon in your base of operations, Erewhon.


To unlock a new weapon blueprint or attachment, you’ll need to collect some Intel. You can gather Intel by collecting pieces through the buildings in Auroa. You will find these on surfaces or desks, and you can collect them.

Upon finding one, you’ll have to interact with it, and it’ll show you multiple options. Use them to either unlock new map locations or use them to unlock weapon blueprint or attachment missions.

If you’re using the guided mode, you will be able to see a blue dot on the map showing the location of the blueprint or the attachment. These areas may be defended by enemies. Also, remember only one person can interact with an Intel, and once it’s interacted with, it can’t be used again.

After you have cleared your designated area, head to the location given on your mini-map and follow the instructions to your blueprint or attachment. You will also find skill chests nearby like the one given in the example above in the Fen Bog Testing Zone, so make sure to open that for a free skill point.

How to use Blueprints

As mentioned before, every weapon and attachment in Ghost Recon Breakpoint has a blueprint that can be used to craft that weapon to your current or any level you reach. Blueprints can be found through completing missions, in loot chests, in caps, or by intel.

Completing challenges and taking down formidable enemies like Behemoth drones and wold camps will reward you with some essential blueprints.

Defeating these bosses will grant you access to signature blueprints which are all craftable at your base. In addition, raids in Ghost Recon Breakpoint will also include blueprints to unique weapons.

Weapon Blueprints Locations

MK17 Garbage Dump – Windy Islands
FN Five-seven Hybrid Engine Factory – Wild Coast eastern corner
MK48 Auroa Parliament – Liberty
AK74 Auroa Survival Shelter – Good Hope Mountain
MP7 Outpost Black Tiger near Lismore Shelf – New Arygll
G28 Training Center, west of Lake Elizabeth – Restricted Area 01
TAC50 Maunga Nui Port, Sunken Clipper Bay – Smuggler’s Coves
L115A3 Auroa Power Plant – Channels
SASG12 Camp Ferret, north-west of Pleasant Island – Restricted Area 01
AK12 Skell Foundation Campus in the middle of Lake Kathryn – Cape North
P45T Chem-Extraction Complex – Mount Hodgson
SC-20K Bald Peak Mine – Mount Hodgson
UMP Longford Farm – Fen Bog
VHSD2 Whitestone Farm – Fen Bog
M82 Assembly Hall Omega 01 – Restricted Area 01
P320 South of O’Connor’s Range – Seal Islands
P227 Northwest, near Mocha Dick Heights – Wild Coast
Vector Northeast of the region – Cape North
6P41 Between Rocky Valley and White Giant – Mount Hodgson.
HTI Near Greenfield Plain – Driftwood Islets.
AK47 Near Holmwood Mangrove – Fen Bog
MP5 Maunga Nui Eco Par, south of Autumn – Lake Liberty
MK14 Abandoned Barracks on Hunter’s Ridge – Seal Islands
P90 South of Borland Burn River – Good Hope Mountain
HK416 Shark Base which is north of Albatross Peak. – Seal Islands
M4A1 Misty Range – Channels
SVD-63 Between Shepherd Wood and Sheep Moor – Lake Country
LMG Flash Hider Sheep Islet – Windy Islands
553 South of Blackburn Ridge – Restricted Area 01
M4 Near Hidden Coomb – Restricted Area 01
T95 Harper Lake -Lake Country
KSG12 Skell Security- North-east of Hanged Man Wood
SN-9mm Infinity Transport Hub- East of Scour River and south of Fitzroy Cliff.
M9 Technology Office -South-west of Cloud Falls
RU12SG Eternity – North of Brunton Valley
Scorpion Evo3 Auroa Recycling Factory -South of Shark sound
L86A1 Red Ferret Outpost -North of No Man Highland
805 Bren Camp Tiger- South of Coal Islands and east of Lighthouse Point
CTMMG Sentinel Land Base -Northwest of Moonlight Pond
MG121 Ammunition Depot -Northwest of Man Eater Slough and south of Chalky Inlet
Desert Eagle Howard Airfield, north of Chalky Inlet – Sinking Country
Tavor Engine R&D Centre – Lake Boomer
AUG Auroa Materials Deposit – Outlaw Valley, east of Lookout Peak
F40 Navy Fuelling Station – west of Herrick Creek
C-SFP Airship Air Station –North directions of Harris Forest and Diamond Lake.
SN-9mm Infinity Transport Hub -East of Scour River
G36C Air Chassis Factory -East of Ship’s Boy Peak
5.7 USG Hybrid Engine Factory -South-east of Two Lakes Valley. North-east of Long Valley.
SC-20K Bald Peak Mine -North of Forden Wood. East of Stag Ridge.
FRF2 Land Chassis Factory -East of Nor’Wester Cliff.

HTI Blueprint
You will find this eastwards of the Greenfield Plain and southwards of the Wisp Hill in the Driftwood Islets province. It will be guarded by a Behemoth at the Relay Station. The Behemoth will be able to detect footsteps and it will have a recommended gear score of over one-sixty (160+).

You can also choose to approach the area using a helicopter, and then drop downwards using a parachute. Although you will still have to worry about the footsteps since the Behemoth will detect you, but since the Behemoth will be patrolling, ghosts can sneak their way into the station via the top of a sand drift.

M4A1 Blueprint
Take a helicopter to Channels province. You will need to go to a Relay Station, south-westwards of the Misty Lake besides the Misty Range. You will find an unnamed lake eastwards of the location.

You will find a 180 level Behemoth patrolling, you can avoid the Behemoth by approaching the larger structure with the blueprint from the north, here you will see the stairs.

Once the behemoth patrols away, climb the stairs and then the ladder. Once here, you will find the M4A1 blueprint.

TAC50 Blueprint
For this sniper rifle, you will need to head to the Smuggler Coves. Search for a small port eastwards of the White Cross Peak. This port is called Maunga Nui Port.

Get to the small platform along the northeastern edge of the area, from here you will be able to access a ladder which will help you get to the main section of the port. Use your drone to find all of your enemies here before you engage.

Head to the 3-storey building at the center of the area. You will find a weapons case in one of the rooms on the second storey of this building. This case will have the TAC50 blueprint inside.

AK47 Blueprint
Head to Holmwood Mangrove in Fen Bog at the Behemoth Defense Area.  Once you’re here, stay low-key since there will a turret here, and a powerful drone attack.

Consider disarming the turret and use a Breaching Torch so that you can cut across the fence to gain access to this area.

You will find the blueprint at the top of the tower located at the center of the defense area. Loot the box that you find here to achieve the AK47 blueprint.

SC-20K Blueprint
Go to the Mount Hodgson province which will not be far from Erewhon. You will find the blueprint in the Bald Peak Mine which is towards the western corner of the Fowler Forest.

The area will have over twelve enemies, along with an automated mortar. Consider dealing with the mortar first, and fight through the enemies to get to a building on the ground level of the complex. Here, you will find the SC-20 Blueprint.

You can try using the TAC50 sniper to clear out the enemies in the complex from a higher platform. You may also find other items of interest in the complex.

Vector Blueprint
At the top right corner of Cape North’s map, you will find an area near the north-eastern border of Cape North. Towards this border,  this place will be the last location on the green part of the map. Watch out for the behemoth when you’re near the black complex.

Head up the stairs and then climb up the ladder to get on the first floor of the black structure. Open the crate that you see here to get the Vector Blueprint.

UMP Blueprint
Head to the Longford Farm in Fen Bog Province. Go inside the building with the red warning board in front of it. Climb up the stairs to the top of the building, here you’ll find a striped crate with the UMP Blueprint inside of it.

M1911 Blueprint
Unlike the preceding blueprints, this is a blueprint for a sidearm. You will find this blueprint in the Mount Hodgson Province, northwards of the Devil Valley and somewhat north-eastwards of the White Ridge.

The blueprint will be located in a compound called as the Mining Control Center. You will be able to see the compound on the map once you’ve discovered it.

The place has a helicopter that you can use to leave once you’re done with the place’s enemies and after you’ve grabbed the blueprint.

Head to the second floor of the large building at the compound. Search for an office with the crate inside it. Loot this crate to get hold of the M1911 Blueprint.

Bullpup PDR Blueprint
Head to the facility at the northeast corner of the Driftwood Islets, just below the Wild Island. You will find a crate lying between three tall boards supported by a metal structure. Walk in between these structures, and you will notice the crate lying against one of the structure’s walls.

A2 Blueprint
Head to the area between Wisp Hill and Greenvale Forest in Driftwood Islets. Search for a striped crate lying with some boxes, beneath a shelter made out of cloth. Open the crate to get the A2 Blueprint.

P45T Blueprint
The P45T is a sidearm in Ghost Recon which offers a good middle ground between increased damage and increased control over the weapon.

You will find this blueprint in the Chem-Extraction Complex which is in the northern area of Mount Hodgson Province and westwards of Lake Alice.

Once you’re here, head towards the top of the tallest structure that you come across in this area. There will be a series of stairs that will lead to the top, once you’re here, you will see a crate lying around with the P45T Blueprint inside it.

AK12 Blueprint
Head to the area in between Lake Kathryn, besides the Wall Mountain and above the Perry Forest in Cape North.

You will find a striped crate lying in the center of the place, besides a wooden structure. Open this crate to get the AK12 Blueprint.

64P1 Blueprint
You will find this in the Behemoth Defense Area westwards of the Frozen Stream in Mount Hodgson Province.

Watch out for patrolling behemoth while you’re trying to sneak into the black structure.

Once you’re inside the building, climb up the stairs to locate the striped crate with the 64P1 Blueprint.

416 Special Blueprint
You can not put a suppressor on this assault rifle. It has high recoil and higher damage. So if you’re looking for stealth, this will not be your weapon to use.

There is a battle reward system in Ghost Recon, you have to complete this battle reward system by completing faction missions. This will allow you to progress through the tiers, in which you will come across giant camouflaged crates as your battle supply.

These crates will let you unlock random items out of the pool of battle rewards. So if you level all the way up, you will randomly get all items of the pool by the supply tier.

You will randomly get the 416 Special Blueprint out of one of these crates.

Using Weapon Blueprints

Once you’ve gathered the blueprint, you’ll have to bring the blueprint to Erewhon, where you’ll have to talk to Maria Schulz inside the shop and hand her the blueprint.

Once you’ve given her the blueprint, you will be allowed to buy the weapon corresponding to a specific Gear Level. You can find Mk.II and Mk.III blueprints later on as well.

Weapon Attachments Locations

Shift Vertical Foregrip Assembly Hall Omega 2, east of Mirror Lake – Restricted Area 01
DMR Compensator Detention Centre near Bird Hill – Liberty
Range Finder Near Behemoth Passage – Channels
LMG Muzzle Brake Training Center, west of Lake Elizabeth – Restricted Area 01
STG Muzzle Brake Arrow Testing Zone, southwest of Hawk Peak – Restricted Area 01
HDG Muzzle Brake Blue Viper Outpost, which is near the border on the north-east side with Infinity – New Stirling
Bipod Fuel Storage near Channels border – Seal Islands
SMG Small Magazine Whalers Bay and Silent Mountain border
EXPS3 Freeman Residences, on the shoreline west of Lake Elizabeth – Restricted Area 01
DMR Muzzle Hider Red Shark Outpost in the north-west of the region – Channels
DMR Small Magazine Fish Processing Centre near MacDouglal Stream – New Arygll
LMG Compensator Fen Bog Testing Zone near Precipice Falls – Fen Bog
ASR Small Magazine Silent Valley Mine, other side of the main road near the White Giant – Mount Hodgson
APTPIALx3 Composite Factory – Smuggler’s Cove
DMR Muzzle Brake Outpost Green Viper -North-east of Dark Wood and South of Hanged Manwood.
HDG Flash Hider West Radar Station –Bald Ridge.
RU Collimator Sight Auroa Airport -East of Fitzroy Cliff.
ASR Muzzle Brake Auroa Hospital -North of Reservoir Lake.
RU Long Range Sight Campus Data Farm -North-west of Lake Kathryn.
SNR Extended Magazine Auroa Intranet Control -Avalanche Peak.
SMG Muzzle Brake Inside of Camp Weasel -North-east of Moon Lake.
SNR Muzzle Brake Outpost Blue Tiger -North-west of Lake Bulkington.
DMR Flash Hider Red Shark Outpost -South-west of Hunt Beach.
SMG Flash Hider Richard Cobden Residence -Shelter Island.
MAWL-DA Liberty Airport -South Cape.
ATPIALx3 Composite Factory –East of Distillery Lake.
RU Vertical Foregrip Equipment Depot, -Lake Roundabout point
HDG Compensator Radar Station North -Chalky Inlet and

RKS07 Attachment
In Cape North, head to the complex south-westwards of the Boulder Forest and south-eastwards of the False Hills.

Head upstairs in the white building, you will see a lot of computers with red screens and warning signs. Go to the terrace and use the ladder to get on the roof. You may encounter a guard here. Open the crate on the roof to get the RKS07 Attachment.

DMR Small Magazine
An attachment in Ghost Recon that gives you lesser shots but shorter reloads.

Head to the Fish Processing Center at the eastern part of New Argyll Province, and east of the Macdougal Stream. Climb up the stairs in the white complex and you will see a striped crate lying right in front of you. Open it up to get the DMR Small Magazine.

ASR Small Magazine
An attachment in Ghost Recon that gives you lesser shots but shorter reloads.

Head to the Silent Valley Mine, which will be northwards of the Frozen Stream and westwards of Adelaide Stream, in the Mount Hodgson province.

Once you’re at the mine, head towards the middle of the area which will have white crates and red/silver bricks stacked around. Here you will find a striped crate with the ASR Small Magazine inside of it.

LMG Compensator
This is a muzzle attachment for the Light Machine Guns (LMGs) in Ghost Recon. You will find this in the province of Fen Bog, at a training compound located near the Precipice Falls.

Once you get here, head to the tallest structure that you come across inside the compound. You will see a guard on the tower and one inside the tower.

After you’re inside the control room, head towards the rooftop using the ladder. Once you’re here, you will see a crate with the attachment.

Grabbing your LMG Compensator will be a part of your early tutorial missions as well.

Equipping Attachments

Once you’ve found the attachment, you can equip it with the correct weapon type.

For this, go to your loadout menu and hold down the ‘G’ key to edit this weapon. This will pop up the gunsmith menu, where you can select the options on the right to equip the attachments that you’ve gathered.

Here, you can apply bonuses to your weapons as well, with detailed stats on the specific weapon type, and you’re also allowed to examine passive bonuses on your weapon.

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