Ghost Recon Breakpoint Best Class and Builds

One of the core mechanics of Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the ability to select a class to specialize in. You are presented with the option to specialize in one of 4 unique classes (although you are later given the option to change classes at your behest).

Choosing a class affects your playstyle, your abilities, and your position as part of a unit. Therefore, it’s imperative that when starting up the game, you know exactly what you’re about to get into, and what would be the best class for you to start Ghost Recon Breakpoint off with.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Best Class

Firstly, you must be made privy to what exactly each class is and what it brings to the table. In this Ghost Recon Classes guide, you’ll learn the ins and outs of all the 4 classes.

Field Medic

A supporting class that also doubles as the perfect class for those wanting to hop into the fray by their lonesome. This is due to the Field Medic’s inimitable ability to self-heal via Medkit, and the Healing Drone on top of that; this pretty much makes the Field Medic the most difficult person to kill on the battlefield.

However, what really distinguishes this class is the ability to self-revive, something indispensable for those planning on tackling this game solo.

Class Item:

  • Medkit: Can be used to heal yourself or allies

Class Proficiencies:

  • Phoenix: Can self-revive when downed
  • First Aid: Revives allies faster
  • Pallbearer: Carry bodies much quicker than normal

Class Technique:

  • Healing Drone: Heals allies when you’re unable to.


This one doesn’t really require an explanation, but I’ll give one anyway. This is the brawler class, the class that boosts the highest damage; perfect for the players who wishes to go into every situation guns a-blazing!

Class Item:

  • Gas Grenade: A powerful tool, especially against enemies who have fortified themselves

Class Proficiencies:

  • Resilience: Extra health
  • Assault Proficiency: Assault Rifles and shotguns are given bonuses

Class Technique:

  • True Grit: Increases damage resistance, and reduces recoil.


This can otherwise be seen as the stealth class. This class and everything therein is present to give you as much of an advantage in getting behind enemy lines without being detected, and to give you the tools needed to perform quick and silent actions, all of which amounts to a flawless and undetectable victory.

Class Item:

  • Cloaking Spray: Enemy drones cannot detect you

Class Proficiencies:

  • Silent Death: Handgun and SMG suppressors do not reduce damage
  • In the Shadows: All stealth attributes are boosted
  • Swift Steps: Movement speed increased

Class Technique:

  • Cloak & Run: Enemies are less likely to detect you.


If you don’t wish to get your hands dirty, or believe the mission is a bit too dangerous for a more personal approach, then this class is the one for you.

Specializing in long-range combat, this is for all those players who feel at home with a sniper rifle.

Class Item:

  • Sensor Launcher: Mark enemies one-by-one

Class Proficiencies:

  • Deep Lungs: Hold your breath for longer when aiming down the sight
  • Long Range Proficiency: Bonus granted for Sniper Rifles and DMRs

Class Technique:

  • Armor Buster: Shots fired from sniper rifle ignore enemy armor resistance.

Now you know what each class entails, however, what must be noted are the Class Techniques. These techniques are essentially that particular class’s super ability, but it’s not something you can spam or use indefinitely.

Each Class Technique has a gauge that must be filled before that technique can be used. How you go about filling that gauge differs from class to class.

  • Field Medic: To fill the Class Technique gauge, players can either revive allies, destroy or damage enemy drones, or simply have their teammates score kills.
  • Assault: To fill the Class Technique gauge, players must destroy or damage enemy drones, kill enemies with the aid of explosives, or kill as many enemies in close-range as possible.
  • Panther: As was the case for the previous two classes, you can fill the Class Technique gauge by destroying or damaging enemy drones; it can also be done by killing enemies in close-range, or killing enemies while in stealth.
  • Sharpshooter: Repeating it ad nauseum – destroy or damage enemy drones to fill up the Class Technique gauge; or getting long-range kills or headshots.

Once the gauge is full, you’re able to exploit your Class Technique. None of these are too difficult to fill up, but you should still take into consideration the requirements for each Class Technique before deciding on which Class to pick first.

How to Change Classes

As I mentioned earlier, although you have to pick a class early in the game, you are allowed, later on, to change classes whenever you want to do so. The process to do so is a simple one, but for those not wanting to figure it out on their own, this short segment ought to make it clear.

Once you’ve unlocked the skills for another class (meaning you can now equip that class) go to a Bivouac. Once seated, you can access the ‘Tactics Option’, and it’s here that you’re able to change classes, and even equip preset loadouts.

It should be noted that you can only change your classes at a Bivouac, it cannot be done anywhere else; not even at the main menu. Therefore, before diving into any mission, consider your choices carefully and choose the class that best suits the present situation.

Skill Tree

Someone unfamiliar with mechanics such as these would think, “Well, that wasn’t too bad. Not a whole lot to it.” That person would be wrong, but we know better, don’t we?

As expected, the classes are only the building blocks for what comes later. What might that be? Skill Tree!

Each class has a branch on the skill tree that specifically caters to it, however each class ultimately connects back to every single branch; in other words, choosing a class is of great importance in the short run, but in the long run it really isn’t all that important.

The following are all the skills available in the skill tree:


  • Pack Mule:+40% maximum ammo and +10% ammo pick up
  • Experience Upgrade:+20% XP bonus
  • Parachute: press the spacebar to deploy your parachute
  • Night Vision: activate by pressing the V key
  • Perk Slot: equip an extra perk
  • Perk Slot: equip an extra perk


  • Close and Personal:+15% reload speed and +10 to mobility.
  • Pistolero:+15% reload speed and +20% damage while using a hand cannon
  • Maximum Ammo:+25% maximum ammo
  • Better Dismantle: scavenge more parts when dismantling weapons
  • Rocket Launcher: Unguided explosive missile. Unlocks for crafting and in Maria’s shop.


  • Mark Upgrade: upgrade weapons to MK.2 in the gunsmith to refine and customize them
  • Mark Upgrade: upgrade weapons to MK.3 in the gunsmith to refine and customize them


  • Thermal Vision: hit the V key to activate
  • Drone Cooldown: -50% cooldown after recon drone is destroyed
  • Intel Grenade: marks enemies in an area
  • Resources Detection: adds icons on your mini-map that indicate nearby resources to pick up
  • Recon Mastery: every enemy marked with your drone reduces your technique cooldown by 10%, and increases your XP gain by 40%


  • Drone Upgrade:+20% to drone range
  • Drone Upgrade:+20% to drone speed
  • Drone Upgrade:+50% to drone cooldown
  • Drone Upgrade:+50% to drone mark area
  • Drone Visions: hit the V key to use the drone’s night and thermal vision


  • Rolling Thunder:+20% to weapon damage and drone damage while using a sniper rifle
  • Gunslinger:+15% accuracy and handling on every hit
  • Iron Lungs:+100% breath control while aiming and swimming
  • Ballistic Advantage:+40 to range and +20 to accuracy


  • Stamina Regen Speed:+20% to, well, stamina regen speed
  • Rations Lvl.2: craft advanced rations in the bivouac for better effects and longer durations
  • Tireless:-20% stamina costs
  • Burst Forth:+10% to movement speed and +75% stamina regen speed


  • Specialized Item Carrier:+1 item class capacity
  • Inspired: instantly heal some of your health when your ally snags a kill
  • Technique Accelerant:-10% technique cooldown
  • Revivalist: after an ally is downed you’ll pick up +20% movement speed and +40% damage resistance


  • Technique Accelerant:-10% technique cooldown
  • Specialized Item Carrier:+1 item class capacity
  • Convoy Upgrade: get better gear and weapons from convoys
  • Drone Hunter: after destroying a drone you’ll instantly heal back some of your health


  • Armory Upgrade: get better quality weapons when buying them on demand
  • Skell Credits: +10% better gains from kills and in Ghost War
  • Skell Credits: +30% better gains from kills and in Ghost War
  • Shop Clearance: consumables are 50% cheaper in Maria’s shop
  • Helicopter Sale: helicopters become available for purchase in the store
  • Weaponized Vehicles: heavy and weaponized vehicles become available in the shop


  • Mountaineer:+75% slide control
  • Water Filter:fill your water bottle in swamps and saltwater
  • Speed climber:+20% climb speed
  • Rations LV.3: craft extreme rations in the bivouac for better effects and longer durations


  • Sixth Sense:+25m automatic marking – marks all enemies in range, though it can’t be used in Ghost War
  • Sync shot Drone: remote killer – press the G key to put on the target, hold the same key to activate it
  • Sensor Hack:+10% damage to drones and +40% drone evasion
  • Slim Shadow:+50 stealth


  • Explosives MK.2: upgrades C4, frag grenades, and mines. Also improves damage and area of effect
  • Item Capacity:+1 item capacity to everything apart from class items and syringes
  • Breach Torch: a high-temperature tech torch that cuts holes in wire fences
  • Explosives Expert:+20% to items’ area of effect, +20% explosive damage, and +40% throw damage


  • Shop Clearance: consumables are 50% cheaper in Maria’s shop
  • EMP Grenades: stuns enemy drones
  • Item Capacity:+1 item capacity to everything apart from class items and syringes
  • Drone Scavenger: scavenge more parts from destroyed drones


  • Guerrilla: for every hit with a shotgun you’ll pick up +10% damage resistance and +20% health regen speed
  • Healing Pouch:+1 syringe capacity
  • Adrenaline: get some of your health back after scoring a kill in close quarters
  • Rocket Launcher: get a rocket launcher through crafting or in Maria’s shop
  • Maximum ammo: +25 maximum ammo


  • Healing Pouch:+1 syringe capacity
  • Feel No Pain: pick up the relentless perk, which means you can’t reach critical injury levels, along +25% to injury resistance
  • Syringe MK.2: heal faster and remove some injuries
  • Twig:-30% damage resistance, -30% health regen delay, and +100% health regen speed

As you progress through the game, you’ll earn skill points that you’ll use to obtain new skills or upgrade existing ones. The list above paints a pretty detail portrait of the skill tree present in this game, so study it closely and see what you’d like to have.

Work towards getting the necessary skill points and continue to build your character.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Best Builds

Now you’re aware of Classes and all the skills available in the Skill Tree… but to what end? Here’s the thing, you can create loadouts (character builds, in other words) that you can preset and load up at a Bivouac.

A loadout can be built for an explicit purpose; for extreme assault, or to height your stealth capabilities, or if you’re fighting long-range, have a sniper build ready to go.

By picking the right class and augmenting it with the proper skills, you can have a set of builds ready that have you prepared any and all contingencies.

The following are just a handful of builds that can be at your disposal, of course, these are only suggestions from us – it’s recommended that you test the waters and make a build that best suits your own playstyle, but if you want to give these a whirl, you’re more than welcome to.

Multi-Situational Soldier Build

This build is about helping you adapt to different situations. It has perks that give you solid all-around capabilities.

Class: Any

Recommended Weapons: Anything you are comfortable with.


  • Gunslinger: You get weapon accuracy and enhanced handling.
  • Burst Forth: Getting you bonuses for any perk this is an all-rounder.
  • Sensor Hack: Sensor hack allows you to avoid enemy drones. Drones being the trickiest to deal with makes you an excellent fighter. It also enables you to give pretty good damage to the drones as well.

Heavy Gunner Build

When it is about raining bullets on your enemy, the heavy gunner is the build to go for. You are capable of constant fire and causing high damage.

Class: Assault

Recommended Weapons: LMGs, Assault Rifles


  • Pack Mule: If you are an LMG user this perk is for you. It also enables you to carry 40% more ammo.
  • Close & Personal: Gives you increased reload speed. This can be very beneficial in close-up combat.
  • Gunslinger: With enhanced handling and accuracy of your LMG no one can stop you!

Squad Player

The Squad Player helps you perform better when you are with your allies. This a co-operation focused build.

Class: Field Medic, Sharpshooter

Recommended Weapons: Whatever you’re comfortable with


  • Inspired: A unique perk that helps you regain your health if an ally gets a kill. You can get a lot of benefit out of this perk if your group is good at sweeping the enemy.
  • Recon Mastery: Grants you better technique cooldown when you mark an enemy with your drone, helping out both you and your buddies. Combines well with the Sharpshooter class.
  • Revivalist: Helps you revive a teammate and proceed as a team. Leave no one behind!

Grenadier Build

If you want your explosives to be as destructive as possible then The Grenadier build is what you should go for.

Class: Assault

Recommended Weapons: Whatever you’re comfortable with


  • Explosives Expert: You get a bigger blast radius, longer range, and more damage.
  • Feel No Pain: When you aim wrong and a grenade comes back at you, this perk makes you feel no pain!

The Sheriff

Are you a fan of handguns? If yes, then The Sheriff build is for you. Dish out justice with your sidearm.

Class: Panther

Recommended Weapons: Handguns


  • Pistolero: Combined with the Panther’s Cloak and Run technique, it enables you to be an expert in hit-and-run tactics. Pistolero increases the damage and gives you an XP bonus.
  • Gunslinger: Discussing the Sheriff build, and we don’t talk about the gunslinger perk, that is impossible. When firing successive rounds from a handgun, it is always an advantage to have more accuracy and precision.