How to Upgrade Weapons in Ghost of Tsushima

A Samurai is only as good as his blade and this guide will show you how to upgrade your weapons in Ghost of Tsushima to protect your land

Jin Sakai will have the option to upgrade his weapons over the span of Ghost of Tsushima. This will allow him to face greater challenges and take on tougher opponents in his fight against the Mongol army. Below we’ve detailed everything there is to know on How to Upgrade Weapons in Ghost of Tsushima.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Ghost of Tsushima

The procedure to upgrade your weapons involves gathering different crafting materials like Iron, Bamboo, Gold, Steel as well as supplies, the game’s currency.

Where to Find Material for your Katana Upgrades
To locate materials for your blade, go to the map and check Mongol camps and other captured cities. You can see the reward associated with freeing them by hovering over them. Mostly this will be steel or gold, which you can use for upgrading weapons.

When you’ve gathered the materials that you need, you can make a beeline for the Swordsmith to upgrade your Katana, the Sakai Storm, and Tanto knife. Upgrading them will permit you to increase the measure of harm you do stealth kills are speed up.

If you want to upgrade your Half Bow or Longbow, visit the Bowyer, which can generally be found close to Swordsmiths.

Locations of Swordsmith
There are swordsmiths at the vast majority of the towns in Tsushima. The soonest ones you’ll encounter will be in the Izuhara region however, more will show up as you free towns from Mongol control.

Later on, there’s one who can be found quickly at Golden Temple, in the Northern Ariake province.

It’ll be set apart on your map from the beginning, so you just need to head there to start upgrading your blade. More swordsmiths will be found in the other regions as you unlock them.

Spending Supplies
The Katana is your primary weapon, the one you’ll be utilizing the most in the game. It’s ideal to put resources into the Katana from the start of the game so you can kill enemies easily.

There’s a sum of six available upgrades for the katana. The damage and cost increase with each upgrade.

After the katana start upgrading your bow as it can be quite handy taking out enemies from afar.

Of course, all of this depends on your playstyle and you can upgrade your bow first should you wish but it’s generally better to go for the katana first.

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