Ghost of Tsushima Difficulty Settings Guide

We have a detailed breakdown of all the Ghost of Tsushima difficulty settings that you can choose from in the game to ensure you start with the right one

In the difficulty department, Ghost of Tsushima sticks with the basics which is very nice to see. We have a detailed breakdown of all the Ghost of Tsushima difficulty settings that you can choose from in the game.

Getting the right difficulty settings for your playstyle can elevate the whole experience so it’s important you choose wisely, now onto the guide:

Ghost of Tsushima Difficulty Settings

There are three difficulty modes in Ghost of Tsushima that you can choose from. First, you can choose the difficulty settings of your choice at the start of the game.

  • Easy: It is the basic level difficulty and will get you through anything without any challenge. You will get the least damage from enemies and the timing window for parrying is also greater.
  • Medium: A perfect setting for those who are already familiar with action games and want a decent overall gaming experience.
  • Hard: A very tough and challenging gaming scenario overall. You might find it hard; it will have the game throw everything at you. More aggressive enemies and huge damaging blows as well.

So basically, if you are new or don’t have much experience in action games, or you just want to get through the whole story and soak in the rich atmosphere without putting too much effort worrying about the enemies, go with the easy setting.

If you want the full experience with a fair bit of challenge but nothing too hard, go for the medium settings; this will likely be the one most players will be using.

But if you are a hardcore player, want to experience full-blown aggression from strong enemies and want to test your own battle skills with timing and stuff, go with the hard settings.

Do keep in mind that in Ghost of Tsushima, changing your own difficulty does not change enemy health like some other titles.

Now after initially choosing any difficulty settings in the game, you might want to change those settings after testing the waters.

You can easily change the difficulty settings while in-game, other than when you are in an active fight.

Now if you want to change the settings, press the Options button on your controller and then go to the Options tab. Here, you will find the difficulty options, just toggle from left to right for Easy, Medium and Hard.

Also, there is no reward or trophy for any difficulty level in Ghost of Tsushima so you can easily toggle from one setting to another mid-game without the fear of losing out on that platinum.