How to Start and Win Standoffs in Ghost of Tsushima

This guide will explain all there is to know about Standoffs, the 1v1 duels in Ghost of Tsushima to ensure you win every time

There is a lot of Samurai stuff going on in the Ghost of Tsushima, and if you like that kind of aesthetic then you will definitely love this new action-packed game. Along with many Samurai techniques and styles, there is one thing that Ghost of Tsushima has by far done best and that is the Standoffs, so let’s get into the Ghost of Tsushima Standoff details.

Ghost of Tsushima Standoffs

So basically, a standoff is you ‘playing as Jin’, challenging an enemy to face you in a one-on-one battle. The main requirement of starting a standoff is, it can only be started if you walk into a new enemy area and enemies are not aware of your presence.

So, you barge in the front gate and shout on them for a standoff. You can trigger the standoff by pressing up on D-Pad when you are in the right situation.

When you challenge an enemy for standoff, one person will approach you for a battle.

At this point, you have to press and hold the triangle, and just when the enemy is about to attack and drawing his sword, you release. This will let Jin finish off the enemy in just one deadly blow.

The reactions, the swiftness and the scene itself looks like something from old samurai movies and is very satisfying.

Now keep in mind that you cannot trigger a standoff at any point in the game, just when you are in a new enemy area.

Plus, if enemies are actively searching for you and are after you, you cannot trigger a standoff even if you come out of stealth.

Also, keep in mind that if you are crouched you will not be able to start a standoff as it will let the game know that you are being stealthy.

Standoff is unlocked pretty early in the game but as you progress through the game you will be able to unlock more standoff abilities and upgrade your standoff.

As you progress through the game, your enemies will become more and more aware of your one shot kill and you will have to time your shots even more carefully.

Enemies will also be able to do fake attack to make you draw early, which will give them advantage.

You will learn new techniques of standoff as part of the ghost tree of your techniques. There will be techniques like ‘Standoff Streak’ and ‘Improved Standoff Streak’.

Now one good thing is that when you get your Sakai Clan Armor, you will be able to do this standoff with more than one enemy which makes the whole scene so much satisfying