Ghost of Tsushima Kamiagata Side Quests Guide

There are a lot of side quests you can tackle in Ghost of Tsushima, known as Tales of Tsushima. This Ghost of Tsushima Kamiagata Side Quests guide will help you out with the side quests in the final region of Ghost of Tsushima, The Kamiagata Region.

Ghost of Tsushima Kamiagata Side Quests

You can find out about these side tales by exploring the Kamiagata region in Ghost of Tsushima and talking to the people around the area.

Hidden in Snow

This quest will be available to you once you visit Sago Mill in the third act. Talking to NPCs will result in you getting to know about Sato.  He’s inside the large cabin, in the first room on the left. He will immediately greet Jin.

Jin notices that something is off about the town and will begin investigating.

Explore the town and near the stable, you can interact with a peasant. Follow him and then after a brief conversation, you can resume investigating the town.

The next objective is investigating the Barn. Two objectives appear here, some huge boxes and a broken door.

Going through the broken door reveals the next objective. There will be a set of footsteps for you to follow outside.

The footprints lead to a farm where 10 Mongols will have kidnapped women; kill them and free the women. Promise to exact revenge for the women and return to the village.

Sato will offer for himself in exchange for you sparing the village, hence kill Sato and the rest will flee the scene.

Before the mission ends, go and talk to the peasant who will show up on the bridge, so go and explain to him the situation. Jin will tell him about the safe location, and the mission will be over.


  • Minor Legend Increase
  • Minor Stealth Charm: Charm of the Lost Mind (Hallucinating enemies deal 50% more damage to other enemies)
  • +18 Linen

The Cost of Fear

This quest can be activated by investigating the door of a shed, northwest from High Point Guard Post, in the prefecture location of Jogaku. Jin will agree to go look for medicine for some women, which will require him to go to High Point Guard Post.

It’s pretty straight forward, the three locations are marked on your map where you can gather the medicine, and there are less than 10 Mongols in the area, which shouldn’t be much of a challenge.

After collecting the medicine, talk to the women again to complete the quest.


  • Minor Legend Increase
  • Minor Stealth Charm: Charm of Fire Doctrine (Burning an enemy has a 15% chance to Terrify nearby enemies)
  • +8 Leather

Fit for the Khan

This quest takes place in the Jogaku temple. As soon as you cross the main door, talk to the man standing outside of one of the houses on the left.

There are four pieces of armor that you must find; these will be marked on your map.

Each armor piece will have its own mini-quest in a specific settlement.

These are the 4 objectives; each rewards its own armor piece:

  • Kill General Dogshin, secure the area and ignite the powder to trigger the battle, defeat the general and get the armor and liberate the settlement.
  • Morimae Brewery, you will be asked to rescue 4 hostages, the last hostage you free will give you the armor piece.
  • Kill General Bartu, again go and secure the settlement, but before you can begin the fight with the general, you must have completed both look for the Sashimono Banners and free the three falcons quests.
  • Kawachi Whaling Village, rescue 5 hostages here, the last one you free will give you the armor piece.

With all of the pieces, return to the man in the Temple, and he will fit Jin with the armor.


  • Minor Legend Increase
  • Mongol Commander’s Armor

A Father’s Choice

In the prefecture location Kin just northwest from Deep Forest Lake, you can find a weeping man. Talk to him to start the mission.

The man’s son was captured and you agreed to look for him.  West from the man, you will find footsteps prompting the R2 action. Follow them until they lead Jin to a homestead.

Either use stealth or a straight forward approach with the Mongols. In any case, get inside the house to find the boy.

After you have found him, take him back to the weeping man, he will not be there, follow more footsteps that lead to the river, the mission will end after a cutscene.


  •  Minor Legend Increase
  • Minor Stealth Charm: Charm of Fire Doctrine (Burning an enemy has a 15% chance to Terrify nearby enemies.)
  • +8 Leather

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