Ghost of Tsushima Golden Birds Guide

In the event that you've been playing Ghost of Tsushima, you must have seen the Golden Birds that fly close...

In the event that you’ve been playing Ghost of Tsushima, you must have seen the Golden Birds that fly close by Jin in different areas over the island of Tsushima. This Ghost of Tsushima Golden Birds will explain how these birds work and what their purpose is.

Ghost of Tsushima Golden Birds

While they may at first seem to be just adding to the visual and aesthetic style of the game, these golden birds actually have a mechanic associated with them.

They are in fact helping you by guiding you to hidden places and items that are useful for you in your journey to defeat the Mongols.

At whatever point you see a Golden Bird just follow its path. The golden bird is basically hinting that there is a close-by mystery accessible.

For example, a hot spring or other points of interest. More often the golden birds will lead you to things that you haven’t found till this point

For the individuals who want to investigate each and every corner of Tsushima, you might need to search for a golden bird while visiting another area to uncover all its secrets.

In the event that you do lose them, then you must have missed something and you need to look around. Golden Birds don’t really lead you to anything specific.

Considering the amount of side content in the game, these yellow birds can take you to a vendor, a hidden shrine, artifacts, quest givers and more. So basically consider these yellow birds in Ghost of Tsushima to be tiny little helpers that help you unlock more areas of the map.

It is always a good idea to follow these chirping yellow birds instead of ignoring them for later.

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