Ghost of Tsushima All Shinto Shrine Locations Guide

Learn how to solve the Shinto Shrine puzzles in Ghost of Tsushima and access these locations with the aid of our detailed guide

In this Ghost of Tsushima Shinto Shrine Locations guide, we will be discussing all the locations for these Shinto Shrines. Shinto Shrines are sacred locations that in order to get to, the player has to go through a lot of puzzles and a lot of climbing.

But for all of this, you get a charm as a reward that gives you special abilities for certain situations.

Ghost of Tsushima Shinto Shrine Locations

Completing a Shinto Shrine in Ghost of Tsushima gives you an Omamori charm to enhance your combat prowess. Some of the shrines even give you crafting materials so you can improve your gear!

There are a total of 16 Shinto shrines across Tsushima. We will divide them based on the Acts they come in. Let’s get started:

Act 1 Shinto Shrines

These are all the shrines found in Act 1:

Golden Summit Shrine
One of the first shrines that you will locate is this one and you will find this near the Golden Temple. It is in the south of the town and a bit towards the east. This rewards you with the Charm of Amaterasu. From this charm, you will get some health back upon killing an enemy.

Spring Falls Shrine
This one is located towards the North of Kukai falls. To enter you have to go to the Northwest side of the lake, so don’t be fooled by the stairs that are going up the cliff.

When you go to the northern side there will be a tori gate that has a sign and a pair of mossy frog statues. Your reward will be the Charm of Mizu-No-Kami.

Mending Rock Shrine
This shrine is to the north of Hiyoshi Springs close to the Isomase Coast.  You have to down from the Cliffside to the beach to get to this temple. Your reward will be a charm called Charm of Okunninushi that recovers your health little by little when you are not in a fight.

Arrow Peak Shrine
You will have to go to the Izuhara mountains in the south and head to the north of Azamo Foothills straight from the Sakimori Overlook. Completing this will yield Charm of Inari which gives you the ability to keep mort supplies, bamboo, predator hides, and yew wood.

Plum Blossom Shrine
There are tori gates at the north of Komatsu Forge on the slopes of Shingenori peak and when you find it you will get the Charm of Kagu-Tsuchi as a reward. This charm gives you the ability to inflict bonus damage at half health.

Stone Dragon Shrine
To find this shrine go to the southwest edge of the Wolf Club Falls. When you get close enough there will be a sign there saying, “These Torii gates lead to the stone Dragon Shrine, Sanctuary of the Susanoo, kami of storms.”

A grappling hook is required to complete this shrine. Make sure you have one before attempting to complete this shrine.

When you complete this shrine you will get the Charm of Susanoo. This will give you a 30% increased chance of knocking out your enemies when you stagger them. You also get some wood wax.

Winding Mountain Shrine
To get there you have to the northeast from Exile’s Bluff and circle the Fallen Outpost. You will find the Winding Mountain Shrine.

When you get close enough there will be a sign there saying, “These torii gates lead to Winding Mountain Shrine, the sanctuary of Izanagi, kami of creation”.

You will need a grappling hook for this one as well. Completing this shrine will yield a Charm of Izanagi. This increases your chance of landing a headshot and getting an arrow by 40%. Also never forget the wood wax.

Act 2 Shinto Shrines

These are all the shrines in Act 2:

Winding Mountain Shrine
This is on the south of the Komatsu Forge straight from Cloud Pass and keeps in mind to have an iron hook with you as you will need it to complete this mission.

You will get Izanagi Charm as a reward which will let you have a 40% chance of the arrow returning to you after a headshot.

Marsh Rock Shrine
This is to the south of Firefly Marsh if you head inside the Toyotama facing north. You need to go right from the main gate and then climb up the handfolds.

Upon completion, you will get the Izanami Charm which will make your Iron Will ability even better and let you use the skill tree with which you will get 50% more max health if you spend 2 resolve tokens if you have drowned to revive yourself.

Scarlet Rock Shrine
From the Field of Equinox Flowers go south and you will see some red flowers which are covering the entrance of the shrine.

There is a rock there, climb on top of it and swing from the tree branch and you get to the climbing path that will take you to the shrine.

The Tsukuyomi Charm is the reward that lets you get more supplies and ammo from assassinated enemies.

Hazy Cliff Shrine
Head west towards Otsuna and you will get to this shrine in the west of the Forest Camp outpost. The charm of Ryuujin is the reward for its completion and this charm gives you the ability to pull off the perfect dodge every time.

Lush Peak Shrine
Head to the eastern coast of Yarikawa. The shrine is present in the east and then a bit south of the Stronghold there.

The reward for completion is Shinatsunhiko Charm which gives you 6 seconds of immunity from melee attacks after staggering your opponent.

Cloud Ridge Shrine
Go to the Duel of Crashing Waves north of Urashima’s Village. This is a part of the Six Blades of Kojiro Mythic Tale.

The shrine is near the peak. Its path starts from the coast and takes you up. The Charm of Azumi-No-Isora is your reward which gives you silent arrows that make no sound upon impact.

Turtle Rock Shrine
Head north from Toyotama Hills and climb the mountain to get to the turtle rock shrine. The charm of Hoori-No-Mikoto is the reward for completion of this shrine and it lets you stay hidden while assassinating opponents in tall grass.

Act 3

Frost Cliff Shrine
Go east of the kin and on the coast, you will find a little peninsula. This is in the east of the kin village.

The reward for completion is the Charm of Nigihayahi-No-Mikoto which increases your combat damage a little if your health is full.

Crane Mountain Shrine
Go east from Fort Kikuchi on the Moutain in Sago Region, upon completion you will get Ikazuchi-No-Kami that makes your abilities 25% more terrifying to the enemies.

Snowlit Peak Shrine
This shrine is in the north of Mount Jogaku and the reward you will get is the Charm of Takemikazuchi which increases your damage for a little period when you kill an enemy.

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